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How to use a computer as a wireless router and a computer as a wireless router

2018-01-08 10:10:30

wireless network coverage is becoming more and more widely in recent years, in some of the common public, such as shopping malls, coffee shops, restaurants and other places can enjoy to the wireless Internet access.And at home, not to mention, people usually through a wireless router to set the wireless network, so that they can in the home can surf the Internet anytime and anywhere.But most people don't know is, in fact, computers can also be used as a wireless router, this is precisely what happened, hurriedly take a look at the following content.


opening Start menu ", "The attachment "After, find and right click "Command prompt ", select As an administrator to run ".

2. In the window to enter the following command: Netsh wlan commands set hostednetwork mode key = = allow ssid = * * * * * * * * * * * * "And then press the enter key.Among them Ssid”At the back of the content is completed wireless hot spot, the name of the self;Key”After you set for your hot spot is the content of the password, eight, since.At this time Change adapter Settings "There will be a named Wireless network connection 2 "The connection, behind is used.Here we temporarily set hot name to Zero”, the password is set to Throughout 00051004 &;.

3. In order to open The control panel ", "The network and Internet”, "Network and sharing center ", and then select the left & the other;Change adapter Settings ".

4. Right-click to want to use the network connection, select "Properties throughout the &;, "Sharing "TAB.

5. Check the first check box, and in Home network connection "The drop-down menu Wireless network connection 2 ", click Identify "Button.Note: the setting is completed according to the system prompt, please disconnect network, and reconnect once, to give the Settings to take effect.

6. With mobile phones connect to just set the hot, set the password input in the second step, click on the link, can complete the network of mobile phone can share computer connected to the high-speed Internet access.Note:

. Please confirm before operation good computer is connected to the Internet and wireless network card.

2. Please note that when used again, just need to run as an administrator Netsh wlan commands start hostednetwork”Can, do not need to set the name and password again.Also can keep this command into TXT text after change the suffix to BAT can, just need to right click the file when using, and then click As an administrator to run "Can.Believe everyone looking at more than

to set up the wireless router with a computer related tutorial, should soon be able to learn the simple and convenient method of small., however, it is important to note that although this method can solve the problem of wireless Internet access to a certain extent, but everybody in the operation must be noticed that this method is the premise of operation, must first have a computer is connected to the Internet and it also has a wireless network card, otherwise the related processes behind all cannot be normal operation.

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