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How to use a router's virtual server

2018-01-03 09:47:41

router set up virtual server to the network access to the local site

how to set up through a router, make the network can access to a computer in the network, have also set up local web site can be on the computer.

with this method is only suitable for network access, such as CNC set, telecom is cannot access.

in a nutshell is the router function how to use the virtual server.


step one: to determine the computer connected to the router to correct, and is connected to the Internet.In the address bar enter enter, enter the user name password, main interface into the router.Step 2:

and then click the left menu of The virtual server ", Port maps "Open Port maps "Interface.Step three:

due to the site using port 80, so we in Common service port "Select HTTP (80) "Then click To fill "ID 1.Will automatically fill the list with ID 1, then fill in the network IP address, fill in how much is your machine IP address.My IP192.168.0.102.The agreement optional TCP, UDP, all of them.The default.Option enabled, finally save all Settings.

the machine IP address query methods: Win + R Cmd—Ipconfig

step four: the Settings in the router has been completed.We'll look at the Settings of the computer.The article also said in the beginning, is needs to access the erection site on the computer.Based on the Windows of the IIS, for example.

step 5: open the IIS, is find right click on the select Edit binding "Open Site binding "Window, The host name "Is empty not filled, the IP address to write the local IP address (fill in how much your computer).

step 6: it is important to note here if input IP networks outside no reaction, it is possible that the firewall intercept, closed this time of the firewall or the port 80 to add to the firewall.More than

step 7: after the success of the Settings, you can access.Can send the web address to your friends test, can enter the web address in the IE test.Step 8:

IP171.8.81 to view in the router to the network. *.After we enter the address bar to see open the website.Set up successfully.Besides can set the port 80,

and 21808 it can be set up such as 0, etc.According to the need to set different port.

firewall considerations may intercept, close the firewall or add the corresponding ports in the firewall between

different providers, telecom after setting, unicom access.

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