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How to use http proxy server

2018-01-15 15:32:18

in daily life, the use of computer in various browser to access web site is very normal thing, but use a proxy server for network access to believe that a lot of people are used.The proxy server is the concluding a layer between the client and the web server architecture, it can be directly obtained user's access request to receive then content to the user, save a lot of in the middle of the process.To a certain extent, the proxy server can greatly improve the speed of the network access.

then we how to use the HTTP proxy server?Here if we need to end of server builds on computer operation step by step, specific as follows: first, we need to get some

proxy server information, such as location, IP address, etc.Search method is very simple, we only need to in baidu search column input related proxy server information, and in the search results to find a reliable proxy server information, to find a suitable server after we will related information to keep it down, such as location, IP address information.After preserved in order to spare.

below we proxy server build Settings in IE browser, for example, we open the IE browser, first find the Internet explorer browser menu bar, and then open the option in the menu bar tools, select Internet options.Operation is completed, the browser rebound out of a network Settings dialog.Suppose you are a using ADSL dial-up users, we first need to choose a can be connected to the network connection, and normal connection is verified, and then to the connected to the network using the mouse to click "Set up "In the new pop-up dialog box to select "The proxy server "Option ", then the computer will ask us to enter proxy server information, such as location, IP address and port number, we according to the contents of the dialog box, in turn, fill in the agent before we find the proxy server address and port number.Completed after check again and see if is wrong, and then click ok button.If you are a local area network (LAN) user, then click the LAN Settings, after operation is still the same.So in view of the IE browser proxy server is set up.

here, we introduce a other browser proxy server setting method, this server is FireFox, it's operation mode and IE still has a lot of similarities, open interface, and then click menu bar setting and Internet options, then select "Senior/network ", click Settings, and then click "Manual configuration agent "And then input the original for the proxy server information click ok.

after completing the above operations, we are able to use a proxy server to the Internet, compared with the traditional server, use a proxy server on the Internet can increase the network access speed and reaction speed, increase the experience of the network.How, we all learned?

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