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How to use laptop to set up wifi [step introduction]

2018-01-11 11:57:20

with the development of the society, our life is becoming more and more convenient, do not remove the desktop computer has evolved out of the can carry a laptop computer, and now the notebook computer has become a necessity in people's lives, the function of the notebook is very strong, in addition to the office of entertainment, it also has a function is to set up wifi network for mobile devices such as connection is used, it is a very good, very convenient.But some people have not yet learned the operation function, don't try so hard, the following taught you how to use a notebook to set up wifi.

laptop set up wifi method a:

first confirm that you can use wireless network card.In the start menu, in turn, find "All the procedures "- "The attachment "- "Command prompt "Right, "As an administrator to run ".In "Command prompt "In the input "Netsh wlan commands set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = Test key = 0123456789 "A virtual one, press enter, the system will automatically wi-fi hotspots.At this time, open network and sharing center, click on the left side "Change adapter Settings ", as shown in the figure below, you will see many a network adapter.

right-click on local connection, click "Properties throughout the &;, switch to the "Sharing "In the first box ticked on, in the bottom of the box selection "Wireless connectivity throughout 2 &;To determine.The same input in the command prompt "Netsh wlan commands start hostednetwork", carriage return, will open the wifi hotspot.In

at the command prompt input "Netsh wlan stop hostednetwork", carriage return, will close the wi-fi hotspots.

laptop set up wifi method 2:

to download "Rubik's cube 3 ", baidu once saw, generally in the first place.

the lower right corner "Computer connection "Icon, click once, you will see many many " nearby;Wireless Internet connection ", have their own password, if you don't see that your computer has not install WIFI function, need to install.Then click "Open network and sharing center ", open "Network and sharing center "Later, to crack down on the top left corner "Change adapter Settings ", open "Change adapter Settings "After four or five network connection icon, generally have a local connection, one is a broadband connection, the rest is a wireless connection.Right click &

otherBroadband connection ", then click the last item "Properties throughout the &;, click "Sharing "And then check the first "Allowing other network users through the computer Internet connection to connect ", behind all tips, as long as you click ok.Then again at the bottom of the first

"Home network connection "Choose any one "Wireless Internet connection "Can, choose point to determine, after the determination also directly is ok, then you will see that broadband connection sharing.

the following open "Rubik's cube 3 ", it is ok to turn off the irrelevant, as shown in figure, and then opens the left & the other;Application "Item, then we will see "Utility "Bar has a "A key wireless sharing ", then click open.By this time the software will automatically search, after a few seconds and otherSSID"Automatically generated, at that time we simply set "Throughout eight password &;, access to the Internet through the options, select "Broadband connection ", and then click "Open the hot ", see the display "Enabled "To complete all the set up the computer.

mobile phone set is not burdensome, believe that everyone knows, but together to make sure "Bluetooth "Is open.Using a mobile phone search wi-fi hotspots, find their own computer, as shown in figure, then enter to set the password before, connection.How about

and learned how to use the laptop set up wifi?Actually this operation is relatively simple, there is nothing difficult to part of the operation, believe that everyone is quick to learn.In fact, the laptop set up wifi this operation is there are a lot of ways, here small make up also not list one by one, simply introduce the several ways to choose from.As long as you read the article, learn to one of these methods, it can use a notebook to set up wifi success!Good questions about how to use a notebook to establish a wifi is a simple introduction to here, hope can help you.

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