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How to use the portable WiFi router, the use method of the portable WiFi router

2018-01-08 17:26:42

everyone is in the life also can appear, traffic is not enough, and use it every time you are inadequate to traffic is particularly uncomfortable, but now the portable wifi routers, but very not easy to purchase a wifi router discovery will not use to do, it doesn't matter let small make up teach you apply.

portable wi-fi routers use method,

a: 1, you have to remember not to buy a portable wi-fi routers can right away on the Internet, you also need to buy a 3 g phone card can normal Internet oh, the portable wifi router is just a card similar to carry.As we don't have a home have a router on the Internet need to pay broadband fee.

2, it is usually on the operation panel from left to right several indicator, is a 3 g signal lamp, wifi signal lamp, power battery tips and medallion.You must first look at the instruction signal.

3, open the suishenwifi router at the back of the back cover, you can see below the battery at his own expense card slot, installed on the front to purchase the rates of installed can boot connected to the Internet.

4, the mobile router and almost form of our home, need a login interface management, general situation of the land is 192, 168.1.1, if not there will be some specification, and different brand could be different.

5, accidentally forgotten password wifi and it doesn't matter, and home routers can restore the factory Settings will be restored to the original time, his factory Settings button on the back of the fuselage of a reset button to open the back cover can be seen.

method 2:1, the first to download on your computer a your wi-fi router's driver, Windows does not support this operation oh so shiwindows8 computer system had better choose friends that way.

2, insert your portable wifi router you have connected to the computer usb interface.

3, a computer would be a free wlan name suggests, need to modify the password and account name friend can click change in the interface.

4, and then you can take out the mobile phone, write the password on your account.Can try to use, and the things you can use the refresh, very simple and quick.

portable portable wireless routing device which good

portable portable wireless router which people often said with wifi, is characterized by small, easy to carry, able to quickly create a wifi hotspot, but for the big wave of incoming various portable wifi, many friends don't know how to choose, so small make up today I just to analyse, for everyone to see these in the mainstream market with wifi which is good.

1 tencent public wifi 】 【 recommend index: strongly recommend

2 recommended reason: although other mainstream portable wifi step released later, is still popular.The appearance of the simple classic design with a variety of color is undoubtedly a major bright spot.Regardless of appearance, it is first created the portable wifi function, characteristic of mobile code that is even;Chinese name change;Hand travel privileges gift bag issue;Game speed weapon, across the network to accelerate the game, to keep the game smooth, etc.The WiFi is arguably the coma to first, beyond the other portable WiFi.

1 small degree of wifi 】 【 recommend index: recommended

2 recommended reason: as the Internet giant, produces electronic products are still popular.Especially its unique Wifi is created, one pace reachs the designated position ", Every other airborne material Throughout, &;Video sharing Still more practical functions such as, but the universal wifi, has broken the balance of these once the function of the mainstream also seems to be getting less worth mentioning.Small degree of wifi to better survival and development, also need to be improved.

1 recommended index: millet wifi 】 【 recommend

2 recommended reason: the millet is one of the portable wifi leading level product wifi, out of a high-profile, millet wifi spot is to have 1 t cloud disk space "And Wifi throughout Shared disk &;Functions, one year warranty is also make the product more security.But if can be like a mobile phone upgrade, believe goes a step further.

1 cheetahs speed wifi 】 【 recommend index: recommended recommend reason:

2 cheetahs visibility is not so high speed compared with wifi, but its price advantage, and it is said that can reach 300 m transfer rate etc, also be able to capture a slice.But the cheetah fast wifi only two kinds of color is dull, but the price advantage is able to make it compared with other several big products do not fall in the wind.

about the use of the portable wifi router is here, the above two methods is now on the market the most routers use method, is simple and convenient, as the second method is to insert the router for computer, so the computer isn't in running condition cannot use oh, I hope it can help you.

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