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How to view ip address after connecting wifi?

2018-01-22 10:16:00

WiFi popularity is now widely, but many friends don't know how to check how much is the IP address after the connect WiFi, today small make up you to bring notebook, android, iPhone after connect WiFi method to check the IP address.

a. Laptop computers connected by WiFi and view the IP information

1. The switch of laptop with WiFi, only open the WiFi "Hard "Switch, all they continue, note: if your wifi connection normal don't need to consider the problem of hard and soft switch, you can ignore these two steps 1 and 2.

several WiFi hard switch icon below for your reference:


b. c.

2. Laptop WiFi hard on the switch, and open the laptop WiFi "Soft "Switch, namely, the function keys (Fn) + with WiFi icon button (generally for F *), as shown in the following: Fn + F2, some computers are Fn + F12, specific can see the computer manual

Fn key here is

WiFi icon key

. The following will be HP4431 notes for example explanation:

a. wireless hard switch (this laptop WiFi "Soft ""Hard "The switch is a button) and you can see the state of the WiFi signal on the computer screen.

b.Click on the screen WiFi status, select the appropriate signal connection

c.The status of the screen WiFi displayed after connecting to WiFi

d.If you close the WiFi hard switch, the screen will be displayed as red WiFi

4. view the IP information of the notebook computer

a. mouse right click on the notebook WiFi state, click on the mouse to open the network and share the center

b.After displaying the following interface, click on the wireless network connection

c.After displaying the following interface, click the details

d.You can see IP information

Another way to look at IP information:

a.Windows icon + R key or mouse click to start the > All the procedures ->The; attachment - > the command prompt interface is shown as follows:

b.Enter the ipconfig /all to display the complete IP information (there is a space in front of /all)

two. Mobile phone WiFi and view IP information

1. Android system mobile

a. finds the phone settings and opens the setting of

b. click WLAN to open WLAN and select the appropriate WiFi to connect to

c. click on the menu after WiFi and click on the menu

d. selects advanced


e., you can see the IP information

2.iPhone mobile

a. finds settings and opens, and then opens the wireless LAN

b. open the wireless LAN, to find a suitable WiFi connection, click on the following WiFi I

c. can see the IP information

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