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How win7 broadband connections create shortcuts

2018-01-02 12:37:13

according to the investigation of the market, so many people use the Windows 7 operating system, but a lot of people will remove the desktop to create broadband connection carelessly, so how do we go to create a broadband connection, as small make up Windows to create the broadband connection method to do a simple introduction, for your reference in real life.

a, step one: create a broadband connection in

to create a broadband connection, we must first find the control panel, desktop in the control panel to find the network and Shared this an option.Then lower position on the page there is a change of network configuration options, you can choose to set a new connection and network directly, after entering, you will see in option to connect to the network, with broadband connections, also have wifi connection, you should choose a broadband connection, and then click next.

(2) step 2: create a broadband connection

we used by the system, the general will tell us the way computers connected directly.So people unnecessarily about choose which a connection, you only need to choose a broadband connection.

three steps, create a broadband connection:

choose broadband connection, and then remember the user name and password window.The user name and password, it is because we do net when provided by the user's password and account.Have two to check the item below, it is just I use the Internet, small make up suggest that we don't have to check these two options, because the school is likely to lead to our account password.And the second automatic login password options, you can check, so in the future no longer to enter the password dial-up network, is very convenient.And at the bottom there is a network name, you can freely change the network name, can choose their own name, after waiting all set, you just click connection, it set up the broadband connection.At the same time set up later, you can to create a shortcut on the desktop, you can put it out.About

Windows 7 operating system setup broadband connection method introduced here small make up.We should pay attention to what time is here, the first don't let the cat out of the application to provide account and password.If leakage after, you can feel free to change the account and password, otherwise will be logged in, cause some difficulties to get to the Internet, in general, this kind of situation is who all don't want to see, so you be careful, hope small make up the above introduction will bring you some help.

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