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Huawei, Cisco router interconnection configuration example

2018-06-25 16:31:52

Cisco routers occupy a position in the domestic market, and Huawei routers are also very similar. How do the two routers interconnect? How do you configure them? I believe you will know a lot about this article.

I. Overview

Huawei router configuration Cisco router once occupied a position in the application of enterprise wide area network, but according to CCID report in recent years, at home, Huawei and Cisco in the routing and Exchange equipment has gradually formed a considerable market share; overseas, Huawei is also constantly eating away from Cisco's market share. With the increasing number of applications of Huawei routers in enterprises and the interconnection between Huawei routers and Cisco routers, the old investments have significant practical significance for users.

Huawei's router command line interface configuration interface has undergone major changes after going through and Cisco's lawsuit, but the basic configuration ideas are generally consistent. Cisco's Internet operating system is abbreviated as IOS (Internetwork Operating System). The abbreviation of Huawei's general network operating system platform for Huawei's data communications products is VRP (Versatile Routing Platform). During the process of configuring the interconnection between Cisco and Huawei routers, standard protocols (such as OSPF and RIP) should be used. Instead of Cisco's proprietary protocol (such as EIGRP), this article provides a configuration example of a Cisco and Huawei router OSPF serial interconnect for analysis.

II. interconnection diagram

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