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Huawei HG510 router configuration tutorial

2018-07-02 16:01:16

Huawei HG510 features: without wireless, set routers and hubs in one, with the old brother HG520 wireless very much like the difference of the "tail" there are four network cable interface, you can four computers simultaneously online. Its function: high speed ADSL2+ interface, LAN side provides four Ethernet interfaces, provides powerful routing/bridging capabilities, supports advanced NAT/Firewall/ACL, and has flexible QoS policies.

The following describes how to set up

Fill in Broadband user name and password, service name is easy to fill an "admin" what can directly point the following "Next", submit the account number, password up

And then to [Advanced Settings] - [LAN] Change the lease of the DHCP server to the maximum of 65535 hours, and then save and restart.

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