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Huawei Telecom version ec5805 router, 3G wireless network card

2018-05-22 11:19:28

[Tiankye Yesky Xi'an January 27 Quotes] As the world's leading telecom provider for round robin, Huawei's EC5805 is a portable 3G wireless router that supports telecom collection. Huawei EC5805 is used for 21 kinds of Wi-Fi equipment such as desktop computers and notebooks. The LED is looming. The battery capacity is 1150mAH, UIM: ROM-UIM or R-UIM, and the size is 96x56x11.6mm, and the weight is 80g. Huawei EC5805 is good. . Currently priced at 799 yuan in Xi'an, the memory of the partner can understand!

Huawei EC5805

Huawei EC5805 adopts a more rounded black and medium-circular appearance, and its commercial smell is thick and thin. Its body size is 96×56×11.6mm and it weighs 80g, which is less than the weight of a foot machine. It is very convenient to carry. The aircraft uses dual-mode forms of support for CDMA2000, 1xEV-DO RevA collection type, downlink speed up to 3.1Mbps, uplink 1.8Mbps, built-in 1150mAH lithium battery, can be 21 kinds of Wi-Fi for desktop computers, notebooks, smart foot machines Equipment supply high speed support.

3g wireless router card router [product model] Huawei EC5805 Tianyi 3G wireless card]

[Reference price] 799 yuan

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