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Huawei Mate7 cut off the screen how to do WLAN, WLAN connection to maintain the way after the screen

2018-01-12 13:23:32

The chance of

Spring Festival go out more, so, small make up to plan the cache for a few good films on mobile phones, but phones a quenched screen will automatically disconnect WLAN, this let small make up the question of whether to have to focus on mobile phone screen out the.Small make up use huawei Mate7, so, after research, small make up finally found after huawei Mate7 extinguish screen keep WLAN connection operation method, below we'll look at!

huawei Mate7

huawei Mate7 extinguish screen keep WLAN connection operation method: after

1. First of all, we open the 【 set 】 first, then all set to find 【, WLAN 】 【 opened we then click on the "advanced Settings".

2. We find after open keep WLAN connection 】 【 in a dormant state and click, then select [always].

in a dormant state keep WLAN connection

3. After the above Settings again to return to the interface of set we find applications [protected], then choose QQ will choose the protected. (PS: everyone remember to turn off power saving mode or open ordinary save electricity, or extinguish after screen will stop all background activity yo)

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