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Huawei Q1 mother how the router paired, Huawei routing Q1 routing and routing by the parent WiFi tut

2018-02-12 15:40:36

Routing Q1 huawei how to match?Home area is too big, lead to WiFi cannot cover every room?Don't worry, huawei routing Q1 multiple routing using the collocation, make Wifi signal full cover every room is no longer a dream, the following is a huawei routing Q1 zi lu a pairing with mother routing Wifi extended tutorial, don't know the friend, fast and see it.Routing Q1

huawei sold for 599 yuan, to tell the truth a few not cheap, but you get what you pay for, huawei routing Q1 lash routing can be done Wi - Fi name and password automatic synchronization, and even more hot covered under guarantee each device can always connected signal in the process of moving the best hot spots, possess a strong wall, Wifi signal coverage, signal stability, etc.

a, first of all to ensure the success of the home has installed the huawei routing Q1.

first to ensure the success of the mother routing has

2, the setup will separate huawei routing Q1 routing installed to the distance from the routing within 3 meters near the socket, as shown in figure.Zi lu


, huawei routing Q1 mother routing Hi lights will automatically become orange in about 1 minutes slow flash, at this time on behalf of the parent route is automatically detected zi lu by exist, as shown in figure.

at this time, click on the button after mother routing Hi loosen, the letters on the routing of the Hi light will twinkle accelerate at the same time, as shown in figure.

four lights and zi lu mother, wait for the final routing Hi by light is all become white normally on, describes the matching success.Routing Q1

huawei routing Q1 matched

huawei zi lu by the mother and routing matching success, can also be zi lu by unplug from power outlet, and then into the need to expand the Wifi signal covers the power plant can improve the Wifi in the room.

in addition to the above method can implement huawei routing Q1 to pair, you can also use the complete matching HiLink APP, specific methods and the above installation is roughly same, just matching operation is completed in the phone APP, operation is very simple, there is no detailed graphic is introduced.Routing Q1

overall, huawei lash routing connection matching is very simple, as long as set in advance good mother routing, zi lu by pairing is very simple.Is more than

small make up to bring us huawei routing Q1 zi lu expanded from mother and routing wifi tutorial, hope can help to you, you if there is doubt, can give us the comment box below message oh.We will do everything he can to answer them.

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