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Huawei p8max parameter configuration and product pricing 【Graphic】

2018-01-12 09:48:58

huawei as the domestic one of the best mobile phone industry giants, in the fierce competition of mobile phone market has a lot of can take to mobile phone products.With other brands, huawei mobile phone upgrade has been developing, more and more powerful mobile phone hardware configuration and design, are very popular with the consumers.And the glory of huawei's most famous series, mate and P series has always been his flagship model, here small make up just to bring us a model for P8max huawei mobile phones, will bring you the phone in below quotation and parameters configuration.

product quotation

huawei P8max is P series in large size a complementary product of the market, with a 6.8 inch screen and as high as 4360 mah battery capacity of the tough life.P8max will use groups are concentrating on the high-end fashion business group, huawei's new high-end smartphones.6.8 -inch P8max, ultra narrow bezel compact airframe design, integration of metal fuselage, metal accounted for more than 94%, the business people to carry and use more comfortable.Function, time fast door, knuckles screenshots, scene intelligence, voice wake up, and a series of practical function to mobile phones P8max update intimate experience.Applications, P8max can connect bluetooth printer, wireless projectors, and other functions, and three net with GPS, compass, Glonass navigation technology.At present this kind of mobile phone price is 2180 yuan, price from the network, are for reference only.

product appearance

p8max will business with fashion, mobile phones and tablet, men and women a perfect fusion of the needs of users by air 6063 aluminum, and connecting with the aluminum extrusion process, the integration of shaping metal fuselage, is also the only two sections of all metal fuselage.Using pure natural materials, glass, metal, at the same time the bottom double antenna design, effectively reduce the radiation, the head of green environmental protection, mainly to do the whole body of the contracted fashion.Metals accounted for 94%, 94% glass, contracted fashion, metal fuselage, stronger intensity, bring brand-new feeling appearance to consumers.Huawei P8max has a 6.8 -inch high-definition screen, split screen function will fully show "Domestic mobile phone "The charm.A piece of screen can be divided into two different areas, at the same time experience two different applications.Such as watching movies, and communicating with friends, should allow frequent switching between the two application of complex operations.


p8max is equipped with a thin high-density super capacity of 4360 mah lithium polymer battery, combined with huawei's unique power-saving chips, hardware and software integration design, has created a stronger life force.The battery energy density as high as 580 wh/L, with small internal resistance, low power consumption and fever small advantage.Combined with huawei's unique power-saving chips, hardware and software integration design, standby time for 2.2 days.Use haisi independent research and development of kirin 935 super eight core processor, kirin 935 adopted the advanced SoC (System on Chip, the on-chip System) architecture and 28 nm process, compared to the industry of SoC solution, kirin Chip can save about 220 square millimeters, equivalent to about 300 mah battery space.Kirin 935 is the world's first professional audio built-in processor Tensilica HIFI3 chip, support high-definition audio codec;Support for h. 265, 4 k contour clear high-definition video decoding;GPU is used in the industry leading ARM Mali T628MP4, mainstream big games on the market can be smoothly. Huawei launched the Link + technology, the WLAN +, Roaming, can keep the cell phone intelligence in wi-fi and cell phone to switch between data, and can quickly switch network when international Roaming, keep the network flow, make TV drama, WeChat, online shopping is a can't be little.

this is about the huawei P8max phone product configuration and quotation.For such a mobile phone configuration powerful and beautiful appearance, is absolutely the most significance of the consumers.Whatever games, or software, the configuration of the device are enough to make it run smoothly, coupled with the appearance of the fashion, but also become one of choice for young people to upgrade.Big people on this basis, this kind of mobile phone battery life but also can let users can use mobile phones for long, this also is many mobile phone depends on who is very popular with a little bit.

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