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Huawei router how to set [graphic]

2018-01-10 12:31:49

Huawei router set up after the installation of broadband in

many people installed do not move, many people don't know how to set of Huawei router, Huawei how router Settings?The following detailed introduction Huawei router Settings tutorial for you.Description:

routers have many brands, such as: D - link, TP - link, Huawei, huawei & hellip;& hellip;& hellip;Each do tutorial is impossible, so I was in the hands of Huawei, for example, the other router Settings are the same, to learn the lines!: (note that most of the router into the method is most, and there are a few different)

Huawei router Settings tutorial:

1, below is the Huawei router Settings: the browser address bar input: press enter after, as shown in figure: then this dialog box, maybe not directly website login dialog but some routers, but all the same, basic all router login name and password are admin can change password after go in, but people don't think that is necessary.After

2, determine to enter the router Settings interface: here we also started "Setup wizard "Tutorial: general operations are the same, just display content is different.After

3, the next step: don't ask why choose "ADSL dial-up (PPPoE) "Don't do many things here to professional explanation, as long as understand general by telecom, netcom, railcom, such as the provision of personal ADSL broadband access is selected.After

4, the next step, see below: whether telecom, netcom, railcom, they are not all to you after you install broadband account and password?Above there is to enter the next step is set up, after these, as long as you can connect the modern line between the router and computer, that a small local area network (LAN) with respect to OK!Cable (RJ45) with can surf the Internet!But believe that a lot of people not only to learn the contents of the above?Because of the above things is people all want to be, this tutorial is the content of the DIY:

5, if set received access IP also is not enable DHCP, continue to look at the computer terminal how to set the IP address: enter the computer set or view the IP has the following several ways: (1) the right

single "Online neighbors "Select "Properties throughout the &;And the network connection on the computer was exposed in front of you.

(2) double click "Online neighbors ", and then point to the right Can.

(3) open the control panel →Select "Network and Internet connection "→Then choose "The network connection "Will do.

(4) double click on the lower right corner tray area network connection icon (two small computer icon).Not

6, other method is that the next: the three methods are double click "Local connection "(usually only a local connection, if there is a local connection 1, 2, 3 & hellip;& hellip;That would make sure your network card to connect, which is no longer provide identify) here, in the same interface and 4 kinds of methods?That's right, so the fourth kind of method is the most simple!Then choose.

7, emerged as follow: after

8, and two ways of entering, according to the following Settings:

9, that other people don't know the DNS or not set the IP address in your network cable, if use wireless router along with the password to use, that is not afraid someone will take up your Internet connection!OK, and other functions of a router is not introduced.

(1) as the router IP firewall function and filter function also is pretty good, but not recommended for casual setting, one thousand set wrong could lead to a lot of web page can't open or a more serious problem!

(2) enable upnp function is the best, because it will speed up the thunderbolt download and access.

(3) such as change the password and restore factory Settings in the system Settings, can according to need to modify.

how about Huawei router set is introduced here, hope to be of help!Want to learn more about Huawei router Settings tutorial, you can continue to focus on the latest dynamic of Huawei router.


Huawei router how set up [by]

Huawei router how to set up

Huawei how router Settings?How to set up [by]

Huawei router

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