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Huawei routing q1 how, Huawei routing q1 evaluation [Detailed]

2018-01-15 10:35:32

huawei can not only in the smartphone market share, and later from the user's actual use effect and the market sales of evaluation content, huawei's products are excellent performance.For example to introduce today is about a product have a competitive edge router.We will discuss routing q1 huawei this gadget for big home introduces comprehensive information and knowledge assessment content of the two plates.Mainly aimed at is interested to buy machines like friends.

a, huawei routing introduce q1

in addition to the usual quiet quiet less publicized reason, another major reason for huawei most products are behind the scenes role, although all sorts of huawei brand enterprise switches, routers, gateways, optical fiber products such as cat quietly in the background to keep the stability of the network transmission, but the actual products for the user's network is not a lot.

until 2012, when huawei began to enter the consumer the civilian market.In 2014, the glory of cubic.That come with the Android and Linux dual system router, by implementing the network interconnection, storage, sharing, media, and many other functions of intelligent family center, by the industry to follow suit.

2, huawei routing q1 review

below we first to know about the specific huawei lash routing q1 specification:

appearance, huawei routing q1 suits and glory before routing the same design, bucket built-in antenna design, easy to put.

mother routing and zi lu by measurements were 194.3 ×150 ×65 mm, 46 ×46 ×38 mm, weight is 599 grams, 73 grams, respectively provide elegant black, YaBai two kinds of color style.Q1

huawei route with one mouth and two 10/100 MBPS Wan 2 10/100 MBPS Lan mouth, mother routing USES the built-in antenna design, built-in high-performance 3 three class: : dbi antenna gain, support three-way data sending and receiving at the same time, there are independent signal amplifier, can cover most area of the room.Routing Q1

network protocol supporting part, huawei supports 802.11 b/g/n, 802.11 u and HomePlug AV 200 MBPS protocol, maximum transmission speed routing of up to 450 MBPS, zi lu by 150 MBPS.Routing mother in Q1

huawei routing with a golden belt will host according to the division of the golden ratio, compact model is more able to bear or endure look, a classic, the upper fuselage with smooth surface design, the lower part use frosted design style;And zi lu by having a mini body, width is only half of the bank card, delicate and cabinet, at the same time with the aid of its small size, zi lu from the socket, does not occupy other socket, the design is very close.

when Hi normally on key orange, said the current without the Internet.Key light is normally on

hi, click on the activate the router's WPS fast connection.

hi key indicator light orange automatically slow flash, click on the intelligent household products can be support (HiLink at) connected to the WiFi router.Routing Q1

huawei start up automatically after a called HUAWEIQ1 wireless WiFi signals, cell phones or computers connected the WiFi, just open the browser will jump to huawei routing Q1 background Settings interface (if it has already been connected to the network, then it won't jump again), and then according to their own network of simple Settings it can surf the Internet, is very simple, and young women can master, so to speak.Since

is intelligent router, how little the phone APP, can we download the qr code scanning of the manual on HiLink APP to manage the router, set up the PC interface and mobile terminal, and more detailed, we won't do too much introduction, we mainly HiLink APP below to introduce huawei routing Q1 associated Settings.

if you are not a fan of high-definition video or family video sharing, nor play machine talent like flash on a ladder, just to meet everyday stable see video browsing the news online, so that huawei lash routing Q1 is your best partner.In

the author in this article review the open door see mountain view directly to pose, because in daily use by wireless signal routing problems many times, and the cable network, compared to the stability of the wireless signal can't see can't listen to, but often in your film to see the best game was a knife a second person, it will be real-time jump out to interfere with you.

so the king of all kinds of wall on market products emerge in endlessly, compared with most of the same type products currently on the market, we will be the router listed the advantages and disadvantages of the simple, for your reference.About huawei router q1

the national brand products, we from the introduction and evaluation of two plates of it made an analysis for you.In this paper, we can learn from, huawei routing q1 can not only in sales has a certain competitive advantage, and more valuable is that huawei routing late q1 actual use experience.Design aspects of the fashion simple plate as well as the performance quality of the security, all of these are able to win the praise the reasons for it.

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