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Huawei wifi cat how to set, Huawei wifi cat set method [Detailed]

2018-01-11 10:11:11

everyone in recent years with WiFi, WiFi makes our network is convenient fast.Of course, not all WiFi is free, sometimes we need to have my own WiFi.Then you need a WiFi cat equipment.Of the WiFi cat equipment, the product is very good, believe that the brand quality, huawei huawei WiFi cats do manual work is delicate, operation setup is simple, the network transmission speed quickly, performance, and more powerful in function.Below to introduce the huawei wifi cat set detailed steps.How to set up

huawei wifi a cat?

fiber is now most into every household, natural cat that is an essential part of the light, today it said huawei light cat how to set up the WiFi.

tools/raw material:

huawei light cat method /

computer (network)


first of all, we open the browser, enter, carriage return, enter the following interface

and then enter the user name and password on the interface ——For the first time to enter the user name and password, please in light cat back view, finally into the following interface.

on the interface we choose network ——Wlan configuration, in this page, you can set the wireless network parameters, including wireless network switch, SSID configuration options and channel.

our attention to open at the top of the page there is a wireless network, in front of the box ticked on, as shown in the figure below

and then in the SSID configuration details screen type in the name of the SSID you need (is) the name of your wireless wifi, and activate the connection at the back of the box ticked on ——Ensure that after the set to enabled.The equipment connection number is you want to call this wireless wifi link to several device, can be set up on its own.The box behind the broadcast the ssid also ticked on ——Make sure you can search the ssid.As for encryption may default or choose more secure, and then enter your click apply to the face of the

we can set the related parameters in advanced Settings, the following one by one to unscramble: sending power ——Is the signal strength, channel ——In the wireless signal transmission media data signal transmission channel (the default)

we finally click apply, with wifi Settings list is finished, and then take out your mobile search ssid, enter the password to get to the Internet.

now we travel is not only the transportation is convenient, the development of science and technology make our network traffic is very convenient.Many people face a lot of convenience in this respect.Huawei wifi cat is very powerful in bring us web experience, compared to other products with a less known and inferior brand although it's a little high, but it is easy to use, and powerful, able to provide us with a good network environment, enables the when we use the Internet to become more follow one's inclinations.

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