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Huawei wireless router settings, Huawei router how to set IP address

2018-01-15 17:20:10

Huawei wireless router how to set up

Huawei wireless router to inexpensive cost-effective into a lot of families, so how to set?To introduce the Huawei wireless router Settings below.

connection and log in router

Huawei wireless router Settings: the first step will be home Internet web portal network cable connected to the router's WAN port, reoccupy prepared cables connect the computer and the router LAN port (as shown in the figure below).

the second step: in the browser enter, with Huawei wireless router management interface to set.

tips: yes in front of the router there is an ISP network service providers (isps) provide fiber cat has occupied a IP address, in order to prevent IP address conflict, the IP address of the router will be changed to instead, of course first login the router's management interface IP address of the initial usually

the third step: in the subsequent landing interface, enter the user name: admin, password: admin.

tips: Huawei wireless router set up the initial user and password are admin, for security reasons behind can change the initial password and users.

basic set

as a first step in the management interface: in just after the success of the login page, in the following screen, click "Setup wizard ".

the second step: on the right side of the wizard prompts, click "The next step ".

the third step: in the next screen, choose your Internet connection, usually all virtual dial-up Internet connection is pppoe ways, this is also the router in the default mode, and then click next.

the fourth step: then the picture is input account and password online online, click next again, so that the wireless router automatically dial-up when receive online orders.

tips: the Internet password must agree to lose twice, otherwise it will not be able to enter the next interface.Step 5:

and then in the event of a wireless interface wizard, modify the SSID, because if you don't modify the SSID, if the surrounding neighbors also use wireless router has the same brand, will not be able to tell which one is your wireless router.So you can input in this interface personalized name to distinguish the wireless router.Of course in the wireless security options below choose WPA wpa2-psk/connected wpa2-psk security model, and set the password.Other options can use the default, the following chart.

step 6: when set the options for the router's basic setup, click next again, can appear the following screen, then click the finish button.

modified wireless router login user name and password

the first step: in order to improve the safety of your router's landing, can continue to modify management router login user name and password.

the second step: click on the left menu bar "System tools "——"Modify the login password ", as shown in the figure below.

the third step: respectively in the on the right side of the screen to enter the old user name, password, and a new set of login user name and password, then click save.

the fourth step: if one is not careful to forget to log on password and password, you can find a toothpick, poke the reset button on the back of the router, let it restore factory Settings, then all the router's Settings will revert to the default value.Also can use, and landed afresh with admin as Huawei wireless router set user name and password.Related: router set how tengda wireless router set

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