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Hub routers and hubs, switches What is the difference between hub routers and hubs, switches introdu

2018-01-12 11:05:19

people ever use a hub router?What is a hub router?Hub routers and line routers have what different, what is the difference between them?We know today is the hub routers and the difference between points and lines by to.Now most people will be installed at home using a router, the router both brand and has a lot of kinds, the use of different routers operating methods are not the same.Well, here's the difference between the two.


two tools/raw material

Internet device, is introduced


router, the router will be different lans interconnection communication equipment, has the function of virtual dial-up connection in which the host is on the same network segment, multiple computers to share an account will influence each other speeds.

2, the Hub, the Hub of

we say at ordinary times is, the equivalent of a multiport repeater, is used to connect hosts on the formation of a local area network (LAN), they share a broadband.


switch is actually switching hubs, has the function of exclusive to broadband.Switch has a long history, the difference of hubs and switches is bigger, the router's contribution to the people.


routers and hub when using (such as the Internet), can complete the same work, they have a dial-up functionality, the main difference is that a router and a hub is not.If you are using ADSL for two more machine to the Internet, can put the account and password in the router, each router connected to the power supply is automatically dial-up, and use a hub must be manual dialing online.


routers in the network layer, routers and switches, switches working in data link layer;Router based on IP address data forwarding, switch according to the MAC address for data forwarding;In addition, the function of the router is more of a firewall

2, hubs and switches, hubs are Shared

switches is exclusive to


hub hub with a router work in data link layer, the router to work in the network layer, is the main backbone of the Internet.

four considerations,

router is mainly used for home network, switch is common in the dormitory surfing the Internet, the distribution hub is mainly used for forming a star LAN and so on in the network topology.More than

is a hub routers and difference between line router.Hub router is commonly can realize public, a router can connect multiple devices, our mobile computer equipment can use the same router.But points line is different from to, is generally only used separately, has certain accuracy and specificity, is not literally devices can be connected to use.When we use the router, according to the different kinds to choose, do not buy it.

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