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IBM server how

2018-01-15 12:56:29

IBM Power systems S812LC

IBM Power systems S812LC to big data, analysis, and high value of Linux workloads achieve excellent performance and throughput.It provides x86 low-cost alternatives, the blade has POWER8 performance and 14 integrated LFF drives.Power S812LC provide for the customer in a specially designed for data and Linux platforms and optimization the Hadoop, Java, open source code and the advantage of industry application.Through its 1 s2u design, Power S812LC implements designed for cluster and optimization, and can be expanded from single stand to hundreds of frame.

IBM Power systems S814

IBM Power systems S814 designed for small and medium-sized enterprise solution design, can provide better performance than the previous generation System, and can be applied to integrate Linux implementation unmatched cost-effective.At the same time can achieve excellent performance and ROI, suitable for computationally intensive and data intensive applications.Based on 1 and 2 of the CPU socket IBM Power Systems servers, for a private cloud infrastructure and public cloud infrastructure provides the ideal platform.For the deployment of advanced analysis function of client, IBM Power can achieve outstanding response time now, can be used to prioritize and query unstructured large data sets, and competitive solutions based on x86, compared to the Power for a typical business analysis on the number of business reports in unit time is ahead.For the Java workload, S814 unprecedented performance can be realized.

IBM Elastic Storage Server (ESS)

IBM Elastic Storage™Server is a software defines the modernizations of storage, IBM Spectrum Scale™Based on IBM software and POWER8 & reg;The processor's servers and storage cabinets together.IBM Spectrum Scale (previously named IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS™)) are in IBM Elastic Storage Server core parallel file system.IBM Spectrum Scale can be extended system throughput by adding a new server, is still at the same time to provide customers a single namespace.Take this to eliminate data "An island "And simplify storage management.By integrating Storage requirements throughout the organization to IBM Elastic Storage Server, to reduce costs and acquisition costs, inefficient and simplify management, improve data protection.

editorial: how about IBM servers, and the introduction of IBM and its series server is here now.

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