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IPV4 and IPV6 are diverted by a notebook dual network card (wired and wireless)

2018-02-07 10:29:29

Hardware requirements: dual network CARDS, such as laptop computers have wireless network and network
ordinary routers and switches
symptoms: open school web page after logging in..Available router sharing online...But even on the road by only IPV4 cannot connect IPV6, because now the normal routing does not support IPV6
solution is two nic connected at the same time, a IPV4 IPV6, but the problem came out again, even after the IPV4 on either, can either IPV6 can not at the same time, the problem is the default gateways IPV4, which is another IPV6 we now export, export, two IPV4 routes IPV6 IPV4 export time not more than, can choose local IPV6 IPV4 time, but the data will go directly to the local IPV4, the solution is to manually assign IPV4 default exports:
CMD command the route the delete
route add -p mask (the Ip routing Lan is your default gateway) and then under the use of IPV6 network adapter to change the DNS for: 2001: da8:8000:1:2:12 0:2:10 1 six dimensions can not solve the problem.

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