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I do not know how to do the router login password?

2018-01-18 16:09:15

many PALS when using a router, often do not know how much is the router password management or forget the password, but it doesn't matter, finish see the image below you will be second understand ▼ if

is simple ~ then let small make up detailed descriptions of

the sticker on the reverse of the router usually each brand

router when leaving the factory, there will be a default user name and password, the user name and password on general label sticker on the back of the router.The router over, take a closer look at the above stickers, if there is no mark on label, then read the instructions.

default login password admin

most mainstream brand router to the default user name is admin, huawei default password for the admin.If really don't know the password, you can first try the default login password, may have unexpected surprise.Behind the

factory default

router usually have a call to Reset (Reset) holes or a raised the little button, the following graph:

in the case of a router connected to the power supply, press the Reset button 10 ~ 15 seconds long can make the router to factory default.Note:


router to factory default phone similar to restore the factory Settings, restore the factory Settings, the router before data (WiFi password, broadband accounts, etc.) will be removed, users need to reset the router after reset, can use.

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