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If you have enabled other programs to manage this wireless network connection, how to solve it

2018-02-06 12:50:31

To connect to a wireless network, the search is less than the wireless signal prompt "If you have enabled other program management of the wireless network connection;If you want to Windows configuration to the wireless network, please enable Windows zero configuration (WZC) service "

a: appear this phenomenon is mainly caused by two aspects: first,
computers have enabled other wireless management software to control a wireless connection, such as using the tenda USB wireless network card W311U wireless configuration software.
the second, the operating system is not enabled WZC (Wireless Zero Configuration) services.
detailed graphic solutions:
out of third-party wireless management software, the following tenda wireless configuration software, for example:
national health " right;Wireless configuration software "Icon - click "Exit "

2, enable WZC (Wireless Zero Configuration) services.Detailed steps: the right health "My computer "- select "Management "- click "Service application "- select "Service "- right throughout the healthy &;Wireless Zero Configuration."- select "Enable "

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