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Improve security and prevent routers from being cracked

2018-05-29 16:50:03

[Article summary] With the popularity of wireless networks and the large number of applications of routers, it is convenient for everyone's daily life but also gives hackers and hackers and space for development. With the popularity of wireless networks and the large number of applications of routers, it has facilitated everyone's daily life but has also given hackers and cyberspacers a space for development. The following key points to introduce some ways to improve the security of wireless networks, can greatly improve the difficulty of the router and crack:

A lot of people think that after closing the SSID will sit back and relax, but windows comes with wireless The detector can't detect it, but just looking for a special wireless detection software, you immediately saw it, and it didn't work. For example netstumber.

The key to improving security is the encryption method. The simplest WEP encryption is useless. It can be cracked in as fast as 1 minute and it will not be more than 1 hour slow. Therefore, encrypting with WPA-PSK is relatively safe, but it is not difficult to crack but it is very difficult.

In addition, MAC address filtering and IP filtering can increase the security factor. Remember to change the default account and password for accessing the router! The default admin/admin is too easy to guess.

A shielded ssid does not fundamentally solve the problem that was broken. Professional software can detect and intercept signals.

A few ways to prevent routers from being cracked:

1, change ssid to Chinese (most of the cracked software is in English language garbled in Chinese)


Router<192>168.0.12 Encryption: If it is not possible to use 64-bit or 128-bit, change it if your router can change the number of bits. It is best not to use wep encryption technology.

3, mac address binding: Prevents others from connecting to the network. (If the cracker changes his own mac and you, you will be affected on the Internet).

4 It is best not to use the DHCP service. Manually configure the IP address. You can also set the DHCP address pool to a small size that is just right for your own machine.

5. When manually configuring the ip address, try not to configure the private address of the network segment.

6. Modify more complex router passwords to allow more time for cracked passwords.

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