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In the browser address bar enter can not open, can not pop-up user name and password pai

2018-01-22 14:33:12

in IE browser address bar enter to pop up a user name and password dialog box should I do?Below provides a way to solve the problem of can't open

1. Check if the computer and Skyworth3G router LAN port (any) 1, 2, 3, 4 mouth even better, the corresponding indicator is on
2. If it's a dial-up users, first remove the broadband dial-up connection
3. Check whether the IE set up agent, if please welcome to cancel.Click on the browser tools, Internet options, connection, the following graph:

. The control panel, network connection, local connection - the right attribute, double-click Internet protocol TCP/IP, the IP and DNS are selected as the automatic acquisition, determine the save.The diagram below:

5.Try to login again after restart computer management interface.
6. If the above operation or not, you can try to reset, the method is: under the condition of electricity with a paper clip or refill ink resist welly reset hole next to 8 seconds, let it go.

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