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Independent ip settings should be like this

2018-01-11 15:40:14

in the world of the network, each computer link network, there will be an address, it is called an IP address that is on the Internet, each computer has a unique address, due to the unique address, to ensure the users on networked computer operation, can efficiently and conveniently from ten million computers to find the object that you need, will come here to teach you how to set the IP address, hope to be of help.

independent IP

IP is your virtual host his have a single IP address, so that your users in addition to remember your domain name, in the browser's address bar the IP address of the type you can access to your website.If there is no independent IP, others can only type in the domain name to access your website.In addition, due to the IP address, so you use independent IP to spend a little more cost.Not as good as the domain name and IP address memory, so the actual use IP address not many people find your website.Independent IP space advantage is that a site in a single IP address, the same server is not affected by other users.Attack prevention, high safety, exclusive an IP search engine included fast, higher recognition after

to install VMware, found in the Network connection to have two nic: VMware Network Adapter VMnet1 and the VMware Network Adapter VMnet1 VMnet8

was the host Network Adapter, used for the host to connect to the Internet.VMnet8 is NAT network card for NAT way to connect to the Internet.

these two network card has a fixed IP address, IP address is automatically generated

two card belong to different network segment, the default gateway and DNS server is empty by default.

vmware's three main connection mode: bridge (Bridged), NAT, A Host network (Host - Only)

1. Use Bridged networking (using the bridge network)

description: Use VMnet0 virtual switches, the virtual machine is equivalent to A separate computer on the network as the Host, have an independent IP address, the network topology is shown in figure 1, Use the bridge, A, A1, A2, B can visits.

2. Use network address translation (NAT)

description: Use Vmnet8 virtual switches, the virtual machine is able to get through the host one-way other workstations on the network, other station can not access the virtual machine.The network topology is shown in figure 2, the use of NAT, A1, A2 can access B, but B can not access the A1, A2.But A, A1, A2 can visits.

3. Use the Host - Only networking (using the Host network)

description: Use Vmnet1 virtual switches, the virtual machine at this time Only with a virtual machine, Host visits.Is not on the Internet, the network topology is shown in figure 3, with the function of the Host A, A1, A2 can visits, but A1, A2 can not access the B, B can't be visited.More than

well, everyone is to clean the independent IP Settings, after you have seen, understand?In school and learned the use of the virtual machine, virtual machine, is the virtual computer, can be used in the PC when a computer, also can realize the virtual machine is connected to a real computer, using the virtual machine also learn something, if you want to use a virtual machine, is must learn to independent IP Settings, hope the above content can help to you, please continue to pay attention.

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