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Initial password analysis of HUAWEI routers and introduction of HUAWEI routers

2018-01-08 10:41:29

router is an important link in the home network, we can not only achieve the function of computer on the Internet through a router, can also achieve the function of family in all kinds of wireless devices on the Internet, such as mobile phone, tablet, television set-top boxes and other network devices can be connected to the Internet through a router.Routers play an enormous role in the family, not just in shopping malls, hotels, hotels, coffee shops and other foot traffic, if there is no router and the wireless network, provided by the it business is not so strong.What's the initial password huawei router?


router manufacturers have a lot of, different manufacturers, to the design concept of the router are different.But for the user, the signal can cover a router family any one corner is a good router.To family, to meet the needs of the target, the user must consider when choosing a router.If domestic space is large, or several floors family, when choosing a router should choose signal especially powerful router, if home wall is numerous, hinder the router signal transmission, can even a floor to install a router, solve the problem of the loss of signal.

huawei is the status of our country and even the world's ten points have communications equipment manufacturers, with the constant development of the company, its production of products is also more and more, from the communication device to the handheld mobile terminal market can see the figure of huawei's brand.As a manufacturer with many years of accumulation of technology, production of the router is a piece of cake.Huawei router is divided into for professional communication service provider's version and huawei router glory for ordinary users.Small make up glory huawei router are introduced here.Glory

huawei router is small in size, square founder, design extremely elegant, have not lost to the appearance of the jewelry.Huawei router glory through innovative technology, to a full range of transmission signal, rather than the traditional router's transmit signal to a particular direction.Huawei router can achieve glory no dead Angle signal coverage, while traditional router in some corner of the signal is not satisfactory.When need cover many floors, only need to be on the two routers Hi”The key press, the router will automatically complete set, can be used in different places.Huawei router support USB extension function at the same time, can be used as a small mobile download sites.

NE5000E huawei router supports multiple cluster pattern: NE5000E adopts advanced non-blocking switching network architecture, single box bidirectional port capacity can reach 1.28 -tbps, future port capacity from 1.28 T smooth extend to 80 T, support capacity of 40 GBPS per slot, forwarding capacity up to 1600 MPPS;Multiple cluster pattern, such as cluster back-to-back 8, 2 + 2 + 4 clusters, cluster, etc., up to 16 + 64 cluster system.

supports on-demand flexible choice: NE5000E support 40 g white light interface and visual interface at the same time, huawei integrated IP and lead, 40 g support white light/otns scene 40 g scheme, all at the same time have the colourful 40 g capacity.

telecom level reliability: NE5000E adopts the design of passive backplane, all key components support hot plug with hot backup, and realizes the switch based on state and uninterrupted routing forwarding, at the same time provide smooth hot patch technique and software upgrade;Satisfy the telecommunication level reliability requirement of 99.999%, assure reliable high-speed network.Green cluster: 65 nm technology on NE5000E key chip design, integration, reducing power consumption by 30%;In terms of heat, the wind circulation cooling technology, greatly improving the cooling efficiency, reduce the power consumption of the heat dissipation by 50%;Using new materials and compact design, small volume, light weight, can be placed in the standard 19 inch rack, on the ground bearing no special requirements, as well as rapid deployment, and save the room renovation work.

huawei road NE20E / 20 router

NE20E / 20 series router is huawei self-developed for telecom operators and industry customers high performance edge access routers, including NE20E - 8, NE20-8,, NE20 NE20-4-2 4 product, designed to satisfy the business enterprise network convergence and operators on the edge of the telecommunication level of high availability requirements, have very strong scalability, configurability, support for multiple interfaces and business characteristics, the MPLS, VPN, QoS, traffic engineering, such as multicast technology combined.

high reliable way of modular design, all boards, fans, power supply module to support hot plug;Provide each redundancy backup double power supply (1 + 1 backup) module, the design of the passive backplane way;Provide software hotfixes technology, the realization of equipment completely smooth upgrade;Support dynamic routing protocol, MPLS traffic engineering, provide IP/MPLS fast reroute, virtual router redundancy protocol (VRRP), and other protection mechanism, effectively guaranteed the entire network running fast and reliable.

route processing capacity: support RIP, OSPF and BGP, IS as-is unicast routing protocol and IGMP, PIM, MBGP, MSDP multicast routing protocols, such as routing support routing policy and strategy.

users at the time of first use of huawei router glory, to be Internet access Settings, this setting in the circuit is completed, enter in the computer browser, enter the login interface, huawei router glory of the initial user name and password are Admin”, small make up recommend that you modify the user name and password after completion of setting, lest produce safety.That is related to the content of the initial password, huawei router hope can help to you!

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