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Instance resolution wireless router can not get solution

2018-01-23 13:09:17
A few months ago bought a TPLINK wireless router, according to the instruction set up normal use for a long time, after a period of time was useless, reoccupy found that can not use!According to the instruction set IP and DNS fully automated access, also is not to, set the IP to 192.168.1. X (1-255), gateway, still can't get into, also tried to reply router to factory Settings, basic have tried many methods, all can't, but the indicator light display is normal with cable connection can also be normal access to the Internet, got half a day, after all, is not successful, what should you do?Wireless router to get into troubleshooting on wireless router Settings for the first time, the general first step is to do the physical connection, connect the wireless router WAN WAN mouth ADSLMODEM, wireless router will be a local area network (LAN) Port on your computer connected to a set.Then set the computer to automatically obtain the IP address, and then to the wireless router's default IP management into the Settings page.But sometimes there will be such a situation, the computer has been obtained from wireless router IP address, but could not enter the wireless router Settings page (that is, into not, check the connection between each device repeatedly, was not wrong, this is what the original for?Lead to can't get into emerging reason has the following kinds: can't get into the reasons of (1) : ADSLMODEM opens the routing functions, and LANIP address the same as the LANIP address of the router.Most of today's wireless router's default LANIP (gateway) is, and many manufacturer of ADSLMOD EM will this value as a product of the default LANIP, so that the user once connect the two devices to loop occurs together, the computer can still be received from a router to an IP address, use ipconfig command in the DOS command window to view the IP information, but can't ping the wireless router.Due to the overwhelming majority of users in the use of wireless router is direct dial-up Internet access with a computer before, ADSLMODEM LANIP on this does not affect, so users tend to doubt is wireless router fails, actually otherwise.Loop happens, even if the router and ADSLMODEM disconnect, only keep the router connected to the computer, the computer can't ping wireless router, need will be reset the router, or even to restore the factory values.Wireless router reset process is commonly: current situation and holding down the reset button (beside the antenna has a small round hole, inside is reset button) more than 15 seconds, then power equipment heavy qi.After reset the router can connect with computer, no longer connected to the MODEM.Then you can use two DOS command ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew to refresh the computer IP information (under WIN98 WINIPCFG).When get the new IP address, you can use the ping command to check, once can ping wireless router, stating that the computer and the router connection is normal.Then start the browser, type in the address bar after return, into the router configuration interface, the default entry is the basic Settings page, ADSL home users often need to set up the page A DSL account number and password.Eventually wireless router to connect to the MODEM to the Internet, while both the IP address is still the same, so you have to change the LANIP one.Change the LANIP wireless router is very simple, after in setting up the basic Settings page, click the feature list on the left LAN IP Settings, in this router LANIP instead, the scope of the assigned correspondingly ~ instead.Upon the wireless router updates, again using the above introduction ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew two DOS command to update the computer IP information, if the computer get the IP right (i.e. 192.168.2. *), stating that the router Settings is effective, can connect it with ADSLMODEM now.And then into the router's basic Settings page, click "Application ", the router to dial out.By the same token, if the router connection is not ADSLMODEM, but other devices, as long as both the same IP, can appear the problems above, suggest set up a wireless router for the first time, so make sure the IP of other equipment, if not sure don't WAN it mouth got on other devices, only use a computer to one of the LAN port.Can't get into reasons (2) : your browser Settings to enable the proxy server.Unlike the first case, at that moment, from computer ping the router is connected, but unable to access the router Settings page.If fit this description, so first of all, you should check the browser proxy server Settings, tend to be the fault of the agent of: launch a browser to open a web page, select the tools menu of Internet options →Local area network (LAN) connection TAB in the right Settings, disable proxy server functions.Can't get into reasons (3) : computer installed Ethernet card.To have used to set the router management, more than some users will install the network card in his computer, if unused card Settings, can also cause the same consequences, so in setting up the router, besides is using the network card, it is best to other network adapter is disabled, after being completed the router Settings enabled again.

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