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Intel Xeon processor how, intel Xeon processor recommended [Detailed]

2018-01-12 11:09:27

people in the use of software or is the time to play games, all have to pass the server can be accessed.The server is processing speed is slow, the main reason is that the processor performance is poor, so there are so many chip manufacturers are starting to design for the enterprise production server processors.The Intel xeon processor is specifically designed for the server, it not only fast, and low power consumption, so the Intel xeon processor is very popular.The small make up to you to introduce the performance of the Intel xeon processor.

xeon E3

Xeon E3 is targeted at the workstation and the single processor series of entry-level servers, E3-1100 and E3-1200 series of two child, besides E3-1220 l for dual core are four core, but there are four threads and eight thread model.Xeon E3 fastest update, updated every year to follow consumer Core i7, socket is also same with consumer products, using LG A 1155 and the LGA 1150, the first/second/third generation product model for E3-1200 / E3-1200 v2 v3 / E3-1200.One of the high cost performance with E3 1231 v3 and E3 1230 v3.It is priced at 1499 yuan (source network, and are for reference only).

Xeon E5

Xeon E5 is targeted at high-end workstation and server processor series, the series is updated every year, but the structure behind the Xeon E3 generation.Third quarter of 2013, Xeon E5 updates to Ivy Bridge micro architecture.At the same time, Xeon E3 updates to the Haswell micro architecture.

xeon E5 a total of five series, the introduction of single processor E5-1400 series, single processor E5-1600 series, high-end entry-level dual processor E5-2400 series, the mainstream stage double, four processor E5-2600 and E5-2600 series, the former two USES the LGA 1356, both the LGA 2011.It is priced at 2400 yuan (source network, and are for reference only).

xeon E7

Xeon E7 is an key task and the processor series of data center, emphasizing the reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS).

the first generation of Xeon E provide three child series, top eight-way, four road and dual processor series, E7 E7-8800-4800 and E7-2800, respectively, the biggest support 4 TB, 2 TB and 1 TB storage.All codes are Westmere - EX, supporting the four channel storage technology, adopts the LGA 1567, also is the only USES the socket series.The second generation of Xeon

E7 codenamed Ivy Bridge - the EX, provide three child series E7-8800/4800/2800 v2, all models support maximum 1.5 terabytes of memory, use the LGA 2011, up to 15 core thread and 37.5 MBL3 30.Using eight-way Xeon E7 support up to 12 TB of storage.Although the same name, but this is the LGA 2011 Xeon E7 is special, is not compatible with Xeon E5 or Core i7.It is priced at 21000 yuan (source network, and are for reference only).

xeon Phi

Xeon Phi is the brand operation accelerator card, using MIC architecture (Many IntegratedCore), up to 61 core, the use of hardware type hyper-threading let each core have four threads, a total of 244 threads, but this thread cannot be shut down.Xeon Phi used as efficient computing (HPC) acceleration, it is mainly used for super computers and HPC server.Xeon Phi is in order to compete GPGPU (general GPU) spread in the field of HPC, the oak ridge national laboratory, super computer Titan (November 2012 —In June 2013, the world's fastest supercomputers) all the power comes not from the main CPU, but from NVIDIATeslaGPGPU.

the first batch of Xeon Phi codes are Knights Corner, do not calculate customized products, a total of six models, 3100/5100/7100 each have two models, respectively 57/60/61 core and 6 gb / 8 gb / 16 gb memory body.Two types of radiator respectively is different, including the active, passive and no radiator, active (A) refers to the fan, passive (P) is A large heat sink, radiator (X) should be used with water.It is priced at 40000 yuan (source network, and are for reference only).

we all know that now is an era of Internet, people can download via smartphone APP for dating and shopping, etc., and everyone in the use of this software, we both need to register your own account, you as long as the use of this software will have to log in the server.And people in the use of the app, often appear caton or is unable to log in, this is mainly because the server processing speed is very slow.And we use the Intel xeon processor will not appear this situation.

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