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Intel fast storage technology and configuration inventory

2018-01-04 15:56:03

using a computer knows that Intel is a powerful computer hardware and software companies, it developed products on every computer are used to.Small make up today want to introduce to you the following Intel rapid storage technology, this is an application, the system of each to use, it greatly improves the performance of the system, the system becomes more reliable.If you use the Intel rapid storage technology, you will greatly improve the efficiency of storing files.

Intel rapid storage technology overview

Intel rapid storage technology can on desktops and laptops, tablets and other mobile devices, which provides protection for those electronic products, you can extend the space and improve the performance of them.If you are on the same device installed multiple drives, that you use Intel rapid storage technology can better protect the data, in more than one hard drive failure occurs when important information is not lost.

configuration Intel rapid storage technology of the system have three levels of fault tolerant RAID—RAID10, RAID5 and raid 1, when the three levels of fault tolerance to ensure the system at the time of downtime or a failure will not appear the loss of information;When you replace and reinstall the hard disk drives, can quickly restore fault-tolerant data.

Intel rapid storage technology can improve the system of application performance, you are editing music video or editing, if use the rapid storage technology, will greatly improve the efficiency.Storage technology can access multiple hard disk data, at the same time also speed up the response time of each application.

Intel rapid storage technology configuration

array array is a collection of fault tolerance of the disk, it contains more than two SATA disk, it played an important role in the storage system.

rolls is

volumes on the disk storage area, we can see it at the time of check the computer's configuration.Create a new volume to protect the data, the establishment of a volume can span multiple disks, and shows different image on each disk.


disk is to create the position of the volume, it can be written to store data, and allow access from the outside.All in all,

Intel rapid storage technology can improve the performance of computers and other electronic equipment, shorten the response time of the application, enhance the reliability of the computer.Intel if installed on the computer storage technology, the speed of three times as much as you can before to access the application or open software;For doing the system you can also double speed than ever before to start the computer.This makes your work, study, entertainment has become more efficient comfort, without having to wait.

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