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Interface configuration,how to interface configuration

2018-02-23 15:56:04

Interface configuration

Zhuge said God is and will be in the army, and feibook, the next day there will be three of the world's artifact - HUAWEI switch to Hanzhoung. Zhuge switch product manual big Yue, and Jiang Wei all night, all the solutions with doubts. When the dawn awarded the Jiang Weisan kit, "this man about, green, yellow and red tips can be used in the configuration of the switch in order to open the difficulties, I go to sleep first."

The next morning, Zhang Fei saw a switch, suddenly edgy: "so many interfaces, if I were one by one configuration more trouble ah."

Feifei don't worry, I have a prime minister." Jiang Wei opened the green kit, saw the brocade book: efficient work, batch configuration. So when ginger wittenborn Dawu, patience for Zhang Fei to explain it.

"Fly, I know your character rough, but if for each interface by the same configuration, it is easy to make mistakes, but also caused a lot of repetitive work.

Configure the port group function to solve this problem. You only need to add these Ethernet interfaces to the same port group. Under the port group view, you only need to input a business command, all Ethernet interfaces in the port group will configure the function, complete the batch configuration of the interface quickly, and reduce the repeated configuration work.

Easy to do so easy! Mother no longer have to worry about how I should configure the interface! "

Vivian brother, you can't sell adorable, let me talk about how to configure the port group!"

"The flying brother caught in a hurry, and came to me. In fact, the port group also has two ways of having a temporary port group and a permanent port group. If you need a temporary batch to configure multiple interfaces to a specified number of interfaces, you can choose to configure the temporary port group. Once the configuration command is batches down, once the port group view is exited, the temporary port group will be automatically deleted by the system. If you need to do batch configuration commands many times, you can choose to configure a permanent port group. Even after the port group view is exited, the port group and the corresponding port members still exist to facilitate the next batch configuration. If you want to delete the permanent port group, you need to delete it manually. Now I'll give you a point, how to configure the port group! "

"At last it's beginning to pour out some dry goods!"

"In short, the two port group configuration is as follows

Configuring temporary port groups

For example: Feifei will need GE1/0/1 to GE1/0/20 of the twenty interfaces are closed, but the follow-up of these interfaces because the configuration is not the same, also needs to be configured individually, then you can choose a temporary port group configuration:

<HUAWEI> System-View

[HUAWEI] port-group group-member gigabitethernet 1/0/1 to gigabitethernet 1/0/20 / / interface GE1/0/1 ~ GE1/0/20 added to the temporary port group, this step is equivalent to the interface range gigabitethernet 1/0/1 to command gigabitethernet 1/0/20

[HUAWEI-port-group]shutdown / / temporary port group view configuration requires the commands quantity

[HUAWEI-port-group] quit / / temporary exit port group, the system will automatically delete the temporary port group

Configuring permanent port group

Again for example: Feifei will need GE2/0/1 to GE2/0/10 a total of ten interfaces are configured as access interface, and the interface configuration information is relatively fixed, are consistent, then you can choose the following configuration of permanent port group:

<HUAWEI> System-View

[HUAWEI] port-group portgroup1 / / create a name for the permanent port group portgroup1

[HUAWEI-port-group-portgroup1] group-member gigabitethernet2/0/1 to gigabitethernet 2/0/10

The interface of GE2/0/1 / / ~ GE2/0/10 added to the permanent port group

[HUAWEI-port-group-portgroup1] port link-type access

/ / permanent port group view configuration requires the commands quantity

[HUAWEI-port-group-portgroup1] quit / / exit port group view, permanent port group name portgroup1 still exist.

Jianghu tip: how do you know the member interfaces in the permanent port group?

Execute the command display port-group all | [port-group-name], you can view the members of the group of permanent port interface information.

According to Zhang Fei Zhuge and one, quickly and easily to the camps assigned an interface, and batch configuration related function. In practice, he was also in a free port on all the configuration of the N multiple commands. "This is really bad, Jiang Wei found the reveal me, said I was Cunyepifu, do, to see how to batch configuration manual, look at all clear one interface.

Clang clang! It is found that only the command clear configuration this is required under the interface view to clean the configuration under the interface one button. Do it! "

<HUAWEI> system-view
[HUAWEI] interface gigabitethernet 0/0/1
[HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] display this
interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1
description switch-A
port link-type access
[HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] clear configuration this // Remove all configuration under the interface and restore to the default value
Warning: All configurations of the interface will be cleared,and its state will be shutdown. Continue? [Y/N] :y
Info: Total 2 command(s) executed, 2 successful, 0 failed.
[HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet0/0/1] display this
interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1
shutdown // After clearing all the configurations under the interface, the interface will be closed

He has to sleep The sun is three poles high., Zhuge get up, see Zhang Fei has been completed for each interface configuration corresponding to the tent, praising Zhang Fei. At the same time to Zhang Fei asked a question: "our military camp Yide, information security is very important, and the soldiers cannot communicate with each other now, I should how to configure it, you made it?" All at sea Zhang Fei puzzled, I saw Jiang Wei in the back ". "Fly, you forgot the prime minister and second tips?"

Zhang Fei laughed, "fast take second tips."

For his funeral, please listen to the next time.

Spoiler: next will bring you is a two - port isolation interface configuration. Coming soon!

PS: version support

1. permanent port group command port-group port-group-name. All versions are supported.

2. temporary port group command port-group group-member {interface-type interface-number1 [to interface-type interface-number2]} &<1-10> is supported in switch V200R001C00 and subsequent versions.

3. interface range {interface-type interface-number1 [to interface-type interface-number2]} &<1-10>

The command is configured to support the configuration in the switch V200R003C00 and subsequent versions.

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