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Internet TV box how to connect the wireless network

2018-01-23 13:14:55

network TV box must have network as the support, now a lot of network TV box with a wireless network card, can connect wireless network, here is a small make up of the network TV box connected to the wireless network method, for your reference.

network TV box connected to the wireless network method:

in the first place, to ensure that the front-end equipment (light cat or ADSL equipment) network is normal (corresponding to the LAN port lights flashing in the transfer of data).Then,

will cable connected to the router's WAN port.The router for the first time use, also need to set the (guide).

a wireless signal, and then in the network TV box set the wireless network Settings menu.Main interface (use the remote control key) →Tools (key) down →WiFi hotspot (up and down or so key and OK key).

wireless network may be off by default, the first to open (using or so key)

using the key position of the remote control to SSID→If there is according to the wireless network, choose a can, if not to manually enter the network name →Add the network →Enter the network name.

there are two kinds of keyboard mode, is a full keyboard (all the keyboard keys).If you want to type in Chinese, click on the menu in Chinese with English can switch (use the remote control of the up and down or so key selection, and then use the OK button to confirm), if you want to delete, click on the big fork menu.

is another nine keyboard mode, as a key covers multiple letters, so when selected, and click the OK button and then select (up and down or so key) highlight options on the screen.

right after enter SSID (network name) and password, the system will automatically search and automatically connect wireless network.If not automatically connect to the Internet, that is, the input is wrong, or the router in the distance is too far away, there are obstacles among wait for a reason, it is shortening the distance between routers and network TV box, 2 it is considering load router, to expand the scope of wireless signal (can use wireless bridge).

router's method of use: [4] wireless bridge after

normal connected wi-fi hotspots, can set the network TV box, use the remote control according to the 1993 first installed applications (no hint that) on the manual.Click install

(installation don't click on the background, otherwise don't see the installation progress bar), waiting for the complete (slower, need to wait), can watch TV programs across the country.

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