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Internet connection shows an exclamation point But how to do the Internet, the network connection sh

2018-01-12 16:31:06

in the use of computers to connect to the Internet, if you can't connect to a wireless network in Windows, we need to find "Wireless network ", then click " in attributes;Network installation key ", enter the wireless network password to complete the Internet step, is very simple.At this time, if the signal bar appeared a little exclamation mark, then explain network connected there is a problem, although at this time we can still get to the Internet, it is what reason is caused?

network connection shows an exclamation point but can connect to the Internet

. The first appear such problem need to detect the router and the cat, general cat is on the left side of the second signal lamp is flashing said, if there is no signal, need to check the connection lines are in good condition.

2. If there is a signal or can't surf the Internet can restart router or cat try, if still not to reset the router parameters, start the connection again, in many cases this is perfectly valid.

3. If the connection is the cat can directly without a router plugged in to a computer or router connection, caused by the router to determine if we can't get to the Internet, if the router is lead you need to change the router.

4. Most of the time is a problem of operator, if the connection is jump out of the error message after 678, is a response to a remote computer without, restart a cat or a router or have such problems, as consultation of the customer service of broadband operators, seeking solutions.How to restart the network


in the lower right corner of the computer desk, find the network icon, right click of the mouse, as shown, the pop-up menu item, select "Open network and sharing center ".In

2, in the pop-up window, the action bar on the left and find click "Change adapter Settings "Options.

3, at this time will see "Local connection "Options.The right mouse button click on this option.

note: if you are using WIFI networking can choose corresponding wireless network icon.In

4, in the pop-up menu option selection "Disable "Options that can be closed at this time card.

5, once again return to the network equipment window, can see the network card has been disabled.

6, once again, click the right mouse button, select "Enable "Options that can start in its network card, thus completed a network card to restart.

how to restart router network lock

1, open a browser, and then enter the router address in the address bar, enter, at this time, open the login screen, enter the user name and password, usually as an admin, click on the log in button.

2, and then into the router's Settings interface, click the left menu of "System tools "Items.

3, and then on the drop-down menu, click "Restart the router "Items.

4, and then on the right side click "Restart the router "Button, click "Identify "Button.After

5, the system automatically restart automatically connected.

found that the problem can solve the problem, if you can't find even the reason, even if is very difficult to use the above method to solve the problem is

.If our local network limited, we also need to click "My computer "Right, in attributes to find local connection, only need to select the repair button, can remove restrictions.In fact in the general case, it is very difficult for both desktop and notebook computers, network problems so don't need to worry too much, after the repair can be well surf the Internet.

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