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Introduction to cisco3750 series switches, configuration instructions for cisco3750 series switches

2018-01-08 11:58:59

cisco Catalyst 3750 series products belong to the professional level of the enterprise with switch, its characteristics in the industry with excellent innovation and leading technology and successfully win the market, do well in terms of sales and evaluation.In addition, we can also learn about the industry leading Cisco Catalyst 3750 series switches, as well as practical and cost-effective to meet the different needs of a variety of scenarios.Then announced to everyone in detail about the Cisco Catalyst 3750 series of profile, configuration, explain the content of the two plates.

a, cisco3750 profile of cisco

?Catalyst?3750 series switches switches is an innovation, ease of use and stackable switches through the industry leading the highest sustainability, the combination of improved the efficiency of LAN.This product series is the representative of the next generation of desktop switches used Cisco StackWise?Technology, the Internet a 32 - Gbps stack that customers can switch them one by one to build a unified, highly sustainable exchange system.Currently offer 9000



(1) cisco3750 switch configuration instructions, background theory of

in a switched network, VLAN devices of independence to the different collision domains and layer 3 (L3) in the subnet.Device within a VLAN can be connected to each other, no request routing.Equipment, on the other hand, in a separate vlans requires a routing equipment connected to each other.

only layer 2 switches will need a layer 3 routing device (either on the outside of the switches, or on the same case of another module).With the emergence of a new switch (for example, 3550 and 3550), the switch inside also contains routing functions.Receive a packet switches, decide whether it belongs to another VLAN, and to send a packet to another VLAN to the corresponding port.

a typical network design based on segmentation network equipment belong to the group or function.For example, the engineering VLAN will be related to engineering equipment, at the same time, the finance department of the VLAN will be related to the equipment of finance.If you enable routing, each VLAN devices can talk to each other, without all the devices in the same broadcast domain.This VLAN design also has other benefits, enables the administrator to use access listing limit the communication between the vlans.In our example, it may prevent the engineering VLAN access list) (use to access the finance department of VLAN devices.

(2), troubleshooting process to follow the instructions below your configuration failure.

1. If you can't connect equipment within the same VLAN, should by issuing showport mod/port command CatOS and show interface status command to check the source and destination port VLAN distribution of Cisco IOS?Software, make sure they are in the same VLAN.If they are not on the same switch, shall be issued CatOS show trunk command, for Cisco IOS software issue show interfaces trunk command, to ensure that the relay is configured correctly, and the local VLAN on both ends to match.To determine the subnet mask matching between the source and destination devices.

2. If unable to ping equipment in different VLAN, make sure you can ping each default gateway step 1 (see above).Should also determine the device's default gateway point to the correct VLAN interface IP address, and subnet mask to match.

3. If you can reach the Internet, please send the show ipinterface interface id and the show IP route command, to ensure that the default route on 3750 points to the correct IP address, and subnet address matches with the Internet gateway router.Remember that the Internet gateway router routing on Internet and internal network.Cisco Catalyst

series 3750, as a kind of innovative products, play an important role in many places.With switch, it locates to the enterprises in terms of performance parameters of the feature set and has a good performance.To introduce the above introduction about Cisco Catalyst 3750 series products quotation and configuration instructions content from different angles comprehensive presented information about this series of products, hope to can be at home in the actual purchase with the demand of their budget to choose.

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