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Introduction to wireless router encryption method, the router what kind of encryption is better?

2018-01-22 17:46:40

set up a wireless router, is a necessary link set up wireless encryption (popular point is set up for wireless password), in the safety of the wireless router configuration page, you will often see three wireless encryption, respectively is WPA - PAK/connected wpa2-psk, WPA/connected and WEP, many people don't know to choose what kind of encryption method, and how to set up, we have detailed descriptions below (see the wireless router installed wireless router set wireless password after how to set up wireless password).System at

1, the first open the IE browser, type in the address bar (or you set another oh), press enter

2, enter the user name and password (typically accounts: admin, password: admin), click "Identify "Button

3, entering the huawei MW150R Settings interface, click on the left, the wireless set --Wireless security Settings for

4, the first is: WPA wpa2-psk/connected - PSK

this encryption method namely WPA/connected compact edition, is more suitable for ordinary users, the security is very high, the configuration is simple.Type:

certification can choose to automatically, WPA wpa2-psk, connected wpa2-psk, choose between automatic advantage equipment will use what kind of negotiation.

encryption algorithm: can choose TKIP and AES or automatically, because 11 n pattern does not support TKIP algorithms, so it is recommended to use automatic, equipment will be negotiated between the choice which algorithm is used.

PSK password: namely we often say that the wireless password, at least 8 characters.

group key update cycle: this key is different from the above PSK password, it is used to encrypt the PSK password to use, often change, if set to 0 say here will not update the group key.

5, the second: WPA/although WPA2

this encryption security, but configuration trival, also need to have the authentication server (the RADIUS server) support, so it is generally not how to do.Type:

certification can choose between WPA and connected or automatic, automatic meaning is determined in consultation between devices.In

encryption algorithm, and WPA wpa2-psk encryption algorithm is introduced with, go here.

the radius server IP: as the name implies, fill in the IP address of the authentication server.

radius port: fill in the certification authentication server port (default is 1812, usually without change)

radius password: fill in the password access authentication server.

group key update cycle: with WPA wpa2-psk the same configuration in

6, the third: WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)

this way of encryption is not how to use now, mainly is the security is bad, can be said to be vulnerable in front of hacking, and more importantly 802.11 n mode does not support this way of encryption type:

certification can be automatic, select, open systems, the Shared secret negotiations between automatic means equipment;Open system refers to the wireless host even without password can connect to the wireless router, but no password cannot transmit data;The Shared secret requires the wireless host must provide a password to connect to the wireless router.

wep key format: can choose hexadecimal or ASCII, using hexadecimal can use the characters 0 to 9 and a - f;You can use any character ASCII.

password length: 64 password needs input hexadecimal character of 10 or ASCII characters 5;26 128 hexadecimal character or ASCII characters 13;152 need to hexadecimal character 16 or 32 ASCII characters.

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