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Is it useful to resolve the speed limit of the router on the router?

2018-08-06 11:04:40

The speed limit of the router has many questions, whether it works, and so on.

When your home and your friends use a router to access the Internet and use a line, you may not be able to play games when he watches movies. Isn't it very depressing? Then you know how to limit the speed of routers. And how does the router speed limit?

How to limit the speed of the router's answer

1. You can use the router's own settings to solve the speed limit of the router. The specific operation is as follows:


You use IE to access the router, enter the correct username and password, and then go to the router configuration screen.

If your router has an IPQOS rule setting this function (see if you look carefully for not every one), if there is any congratulations, you can set the minimum bandwidth, and maximum bandwidth two parameters, Minimum bandwidth: no matter when, no matter how busy the network, as long as you have needs, the router will provide at least your guaranteed bandwidth, even if the current bandwidth has been occupied by other users; the minimum bandwidth can be understood as guaranteed bandwidth;

Maximum bandwidth: When the network is idle, you can make full use of idle bandwidth, but you can't exceed the set maximum bandwidth; maximum bandwidth can be understood as limiting bandwidth. If not, IP bandwidth control is used to set the maximum speed of each IP.

2. Router limit software can be used to limit traffic.

But from the router speed limit software want to achieve similar For the function, temporarily consider the p2pover (P2P Terminator) software. Is paid, not cheap, but fortunately online cracked version download, I used the 2.07 version, the beginning effect is very obvious, just need to install software on your computer, you can control all the computers in the LAN with the same segment , can control the speed of the Internet, can make someone inexplicably unable to net, you can limit the other party with QQ, BT and so on.

But because it is based on the principle of ARP spoofing to control other computers (that is, turning your computer into a fake gateway, other computers need to access the Internet through your computer, so you can control) Now that software against ARP spoofing has gone. The most famous is 360. So as long as the other party has 360, you can do nothing about it.

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