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Is your home router "smart"?

2018-01-26 09:53:25


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with the popularity of wireless devices, wireless routers in recent years has become the standard of many families.Even many operators are bringing the function of wireless router network equipment.

if you ask what is your wireless router's biggest function, must have a lot of people are said to be "online" is not bad, just like mobile phone function is the basis of the "call", after these years of development, the router also began to become smart, then as a smart router, it is different from the common routing have what?Compared with the ordinary routing, which function it more?The derivative function for visually impaired people, is to increase the convenience or added trouble?Hurry to listen to today's program, let's three old friends will reveal to you intelligent router

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thanks to pay attention to the sound waves to help blind, you can see every piece of push by our visually impaired original partners to share.More visually impaired life experience at you beside me.We are looking forward to your join.Your drip has found that is just what others may need.Welcome to share your experience to the visually impaired hotline 81869569 @qq.com email will be a surprise.


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