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JCG Smart Wireless Router Answers How to Change IP Address and DNS Settings

2018-05-17 14:51:00

IP Venue

Choose "Using the IP address below", and then fill in the response information at "IP Location", "Subnet Mask", and "Accept Network Closed". In addition, we should choose “Using the following DNS server locations”. We are also filling in the response information in the “Choose the DNS server” and the “Backup DNS server”. (If you do not know the DNS server location, you can Telework asked the operator).

Router DNS Settings

Enter the router's settings page——click on "LAN connection"

Road Router IP Address Enquiry Enabled DNS

There is a DNS proxy in that sector's "Other Settings" where Normally select "Enable". If you choose to enable it, the router will take the initiative to find the DNS server, without your feet into the DNS location.

If you think that the location of the DNS server actively looked for by the router is inaccurate, you can also enter it by typing, as shown below:

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