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JCG wireless router bandwidth problem explain

2018-07-30 11:20:04

In addition, we all know that the wireless router's bandwidth refers to an ideal maximum bandwidth, but in the practical application of wireless signals will be subject to various effects, usually need to pay attention to several aspects:

First, turn off the useless service

General JCG wireless router has a large number of features, IP address filtering, firewall and virtual host services, are basically the default, in fact, wireless router is also a simple computer After enabling too many features, it will inevitably consume too many resources, which will affect the transmission speed of wireless networks.

II. Choosing the right channel

The JCG wireless router's network signal also has a certain frequency, which is what we usually call the channel. Because the wireless network signal is usually interfered in the transmission, the solution is to use a channel that is different from the five frequency bands to eliminate the interference. For example, the channels are set to 1, 6, and 11 channels, respectively.

3. Disabling the DHCP Service

In the case of multiple computers, enabling the DHCP service will increase the burden on the JCG wireless router and thus affect the transmission quality of the wireless network. After the DCP service is enabled, after the IP address lease of the client arrives, the client will frequently negotiate IP address leases with the wireless router. Frequent traffic will consume network resources and affect the network transmission speed.

Fourth, electromagnetic signal interference

Wireless router distance Because wireless network transmission is also electromagnetic signals, various home appliances, such as televisions, microwave ovens, air conditioners, etc., have different wireless signals. Disturbance. At this time, JCG routers should be placed reasonably to keep away from various household appliances.

Five, the wall of the signal

JCG wireless router transmission distance is more than 100 meters, the transmission distance is not a problem, but the walls of the family room is the main obstacle, The wireless signal is almost straight, so the signal received by the notebook behind the wall will be much lower. The most effective solution is to increase the gain of the antenna. Generally, the 2dbi gain antenna signal can penetrate two walls. If there are too many rooms, the 5dBi omnidirectional antenna needs to be changed.

In addition to the quality issues of the JCG wireless router itself, unreasonable setup and interference are all factors that affect the stability of the wireless network. As long as everyone checks in accordance with the above methods, the quality of wireless networks can be greatly increased.

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