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LAN speed limit bandwidth control six tricks

2018-07-24 10:56:54

Option 1 (recommended):

Buy a speed-controlled route or switch. The price is generally below 300. This is the best method.

Option 2:

Bandwidth Control Software + PC NAT Technology or ICS Sharing

(1) PC Dual Network Card.

(2) Windowsserver2003 achieve NAT conversion, there are third-party software such as ISA, sygate (single card), wingate, etc. can achieve NAT. Or configure ICS to share the Internet.

(3) Install bandwidth control software such as bwmeter and BandwidthSplitter (the latter must be used with ISA), which is very powerful.

Note that the operating system cannot use routing because the intranet is a private network IP.

Scenario 3:

Using CCproxy and other proxy software

The software is powerful and can be limited in speed, but each client's Internet access software must be set to proxy IP ,trouble.

(1) Install CCproxy's machine to dial and use the switch to connect all PCs (broadband routing can also be used as a switch without using a WAN port).

(2) Or broadband routing dial-up, and firewall, binding IP+MAC, other than installing CCproxy directly to the Internet.

Option 4:

The ARP-based network management software, such as CMS, P2P Terminator, is powerful.

But other people install ARP firewall, or counter ARP, or bind static ARP, this method will fail!

Solution 5:

Virtual Routing Technology for ARP-Based Network Management Software + Justified Discussions

Long-Term Online Operation of Anti-LAN Speed ​​Limiters Other machine gateways fill in the IP of this machine. Then, the broadband routing firewall is bound to the IP+MAC, except for the other devices that install the network management software.

Note: When binding, the MAC address is filled with the controller and IP is the client.

Then the client can only go out from the network management machine, so you can control the speed of the network.

Option 6:

For larger LANs or enterprise networks, large-scale speed-control software such as “network traffic analysis products” and “network posts” can be used, even for carrier-grade ones. Billing System!

In addition to the plan one must be a PC, so hopefully the landlord to open a little, do not ignore the customer's complaints about speed.

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