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LAN can not log how to do [solution]

2018-01-15 11:48:24

LAN landing is not how to do? is a commonly used special Internet protocol address of the default, many hardware manufacturers factory Settings is to use this address.They set it to a default value (factory Settings), but the user can according to his be fond of using a router to change the panel.

the following, we take a look at landing is not the solution.

home broadband routers, network lines, such as the line from the cat over there to) receive WAM interface, other interface used to connect computer or hub.This kind of router is commonly use IP (individual brand will use other IP), in your IE address bar enter the IP can be router Settings, if can't open it, please set your computer IP 192.168 XX XX here for 2 to 254 a.If opened, and ask you to manage user name and password, are generally not admin, but if you but I don't know, (if you don't remember, you can find the reset button on the router, under the electricity, according to it's not about 30 seconds, in short, normal light up until the lights on the router.Will return to factory Settings.Note that some dangerous, improper use will place addled router, hey hey) in after the setup wizard, can be done according to the prompt (including ADSL PPPo Internet connection).

set method is as follows:

check wiring is correct. Broadband (or ADSL Modem) cables should be inserted in the router's WAN port, the computer network cable should be plugged into the router LAN port. Line connected correctly, please click the following Settings (TP - LINK TL - R402M routers, WinXP system) :

1, start →The control panel →Double-click "Network and dial-up connections throughout the &;→Click on the select card corresponds to the local router connections →Right-click to choose "Properties throughout the &;→In the pop-up "Regular "Page selection "Internet protocol (TCP/IP) "→According to the "Properties throughout the &;Button →Pop-up "Internet protocol (TCP/IP) properties "Window →Select "Use the following IP address "→Fill in "The IP address (I) " instead, "Subnet mask (U) ", "The default gateway (D) ", "The DNS server "Later fill in →All the way.

2, open the IE browser, according to the menu bar "Tools "→Select "Internet options "→Select "Connection "→Will "Dial-up, and virtual private network Settings "Has been set up within the delete all →According to the "LAN Settings "Button →Pop-up "A local area network (LAN) Settings "Window →In "Automatically detect Settings "Before check, other don't tick →All the way to determine return IE→In the address bar enter enter →In the pop-up dialog box enter the router's username and password (the default admin) →Sure, pop-up "Setup wizard "→According to the way you surf the Internet to obtain DNS server address, etc.

3, press 1 step into "Internet protocol (TCP/IP) properties "Window →Select "Use the following DNS server addresses (E) "→In "The preferred DNS server "And "Alternate DNS server "After fill in just obtain DNS server address →Identify all the way.

4, according to the 1, 3 steps will set up other computer can share the bandwidth on the Internet.Note that fill in in step 1 "The IP address (I) "Must be instead - 255, but the two machines cannot be the same.

almost four steps above can be solved, if not yet, can only look for professional personnel to help to check!Above

is landing on LAN not to do, want to help you!

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