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LAN part of the computer can not access how to do?

2018-01-23 12:55:25

when the company will meet sometimes individual computer connection is not on the network, if you won't please people to maintenance will be a waste of time, today teach you simple processing method.

first of all, the most important thing is to find out why, we need to check the computer's network of some basic information.At the same time hold down the start key on the keyboard + R key to open the run menu.Input cmd", press the return key.After

into the command menu input "Ipconfig", press the return key, can see the basic information of computer network.Remember the ipv4 address and default gateway.

input in the command menu again "Ping - t", if the command menu display as shown in the figure below represents the connection between the computer to the router is no problem, and other computer can surf the Internet company, said the network is no problem.

which can judge the problem that IP address may be, we can change the way IP connection, because many companies in order to facilitate management, computer Settings is a static IP, we link to automatically obtain the IP network, but also according to the current into a static IP address.

right click on the lower right computer icon, and then left click "Open network and sharing center "Click on the image below

"Local connection ".

and then click the pop-up local connection status "Properties throughout the &;.

and click the local connection properties as shown in the figure below.After

will "Automatically obtain IP address "Before the check.After click "Identify ".Back to "Local connection properties "Also want to click "Identify ".

it wasn't long before we can find that has even surfing the Internet.

if still won't do, can try to put the DNS changes to your gateway address, such as: or, the secondary DNS is modified to, then determine the

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