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Lei Branch router factory reset steps

2018-03-01 10:53:49

now on the market have a lot of routers, all kinds of brand of all have, but we as consumers how to choose and buy?How should we buy back router to setup?When a router even don't get to the Internet or network problems such as special slow when we are not looking for professionals to do?Let's to as an example to introduce lei lei family router router to factory default steps.

the introduction of router

router is accurate in order to make network from a transfer to the other end of the electronic equipment.For example, we can make use of the router to cell phones and computers connected together so as to realize the quick function of network sharing, a router by the vast number of consumers love.The emergence of the router to people to a certain extent, offers a great party.Due to the presence of the router, a lot of people don't need to open flow can surf the Internet.The emergence of router has realized the two share a network of the target computer.So this is also why router loved by consumers.

routers on the computer how to restore factory Settings step after

when the router USES period of time, there will be a slow running, or the problem of the network connection.So in this problem we should how to solve?First of all, we can be connected to the router in the state of open system's own browser, enter the url for url, or url is, opened, required to enter your account password, on the premise of the default password and account are admin, after input, there will be a set the page of the router, can appear in the bottom left of set factory default options, after determine to restore, click restore factory Settings option, you can proceed to restore the factory Settings.

how routers when not to use the computer to restore factory Settings, the router will be introduced above

on the computer how to restore factory Settings step, in addition, we also can restore the factory Settings in the router itself directly.First of all, we should find in router itself on the machine before, want to unplug the power supply first, is not only a requirement, but also for safety, find a RESET button behind the router's ontology, find a relatively sharp objects, and insert the holes for more than ten seconds.Thus to empty all the Settings of the router, that is to say, to restore the factory Settings.Of more than

introduced is lei router restore factory Settings step, isn't it simple?Do you learned?Life is discovery.But small make up remind everybody, before the factory default, bear in mind that your home broadband account and password, otherwise will be looking for a job.

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