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Lei Branch full-featured router how to manage Internet behavior configuration

2018-02-12 16:02:48

companies that have been implemented punishment system, but the effect is not ideal.To this end, the company top against the open network.As a result, employees also have the opinion, don't think if open network work is not convenient.Now wondering, if open network, how to manage employee?Strict requirements?Not all the employees need to network, sales, procurement external collaboration, production management, staff may need to get to the Internet, but such as personnel, engineering design department working hours using the Internet is very few.Enterprise, office or rental housing the main need to inform the relevant personnel for relevant personnel are not and omissions;& hellip;& hellip;

, of course, the most effective way is through the deployment of special LAN network control software, the Internet monitoring software.At present, the domestic many specialized staff access control software, such as one "Trunk network management ", only in the local area network (LAN) a computer after deployment, you can take full control of local area network (LAN) a computer online chat, fry, play games, watch video, etc, and it could effectively control computer network speed, prevent LAN did to speed, flow behavior, as shown in the figure below:

figure: trunk network limited computer network, network traffic control screenshots

moreover, trunk network management systems can also ban P2P download, online video, ban on network TV, etc., to prevent such excessive behavior of network bandwidth, P2P software so as to effectively protect the LAN network resources.

figure: trunk network ban on P2P download screenshots

, of course, if you also can control the behavior of employees to get to the Internet through a router, just a little complicated, specific as follows:

in view of the small and medium-sized enterprises, office or rental, recommend lei RC platform series router: NR235W, NR236W, NR255 -v, NR256, NR266, NR266 - E, NR268, NR286, NR286 - E, NR288, NR289 - E.Now to lei family NETCORE NR289 - E, for example, in the following configuration: the first step is to log in the router Settings interface;Step 2: set the Internet behavior management;Step 3: log service Internet behavior management.


1 log in router Settings interface: open the Internet Explorer browser on the desktop or other used to surf the Internet browser (such as Opera, Firefox, etc.), in the address bar Enter click Enter (the keyboard Enter key)

2: Enter the user name in the pop-up window: guest password: guest (note to lowercase.If you often need to configure the router, you can check the remember my password), press the confirm button,

3: after the success of landing the router configuration interface as shown in figure NR289-


2: the main interface of Internet behavior management

click Internet behavior management options for

(a) the Internet behavior management master switch

open Internet behavior management master switch.Note:

(2) the time period

period of the time here is effective.As shown in the above

, set up a time to work, check the week, the specific time, click add.

(3) the user/IP group

here, fill in the group name, as well as the IP range, priority, note, click add.

priority: the smaller the number the higher priority, "0 "As the highest priority for the IP range overlapping or duplicate, decided to first meet which rule.


1 (4) site classification management: url classification management role is

ban, warning, record of different categories of site visit.Now on the web site category meticulous division, you just need to check the control management can be realized.

first choice you want to control the user group (configuration) before, and then check the enable site classification management state, again to choose effective time, choose you want to block or control or warning site classification;You can set up different permissions of different user groups, such as blocking BBS blog group A, group B block electronic shopping, warning chat group C dating, all user records online games site, etc.

block said: can't access the mainstream website.

records, said: in behavior record access log log on the Internet.Said

warning: access site temporary jump to warn the interface, and then jump to to access the website.

2: url list of black and white

first choice you want to control the user group (configuration) before, again to choose effective time, after the url input in black and white list you want to stop and allow the url.The last save.

you can set up different permissions of different user groups, such as group A website QQ does not allow, group B is not allowed on baidu, baidu and A white list allows group C.Safety management,


(5) the WEB configuration WEB safety management can be targeted some behavior of the user during the browsing the WEB.

first choice you want to control the user group (configuration) before, again to choose effective time, in the choice whether to enable disable commit, and file extension type filter, finally saved to take effect.

disabled commit: this feature, check the opened to achieve the purpose of restrict user submit information on the web page, such as BBS post reply, BBS registered, log in to your account on the website, etc.Please use caution, may cause some web applications can not normal.

file extension type filter: provide filtering function for a certain type of elements. Can be through the function of filtering with the same suffix network behavior of all elements.After

, such as: filter FLV format, add online video cannot be opened, but to youku, potatoes, 6 rooms such as video website can still be accessed, only. FLV format video can't open the;

or exe, some sites will automatically download the exe file, after adding this, will not be able to download the exe file, SWF is common flash banner ads on a web page, etc.Add Zip format,

cannot website to download the file type.You can also customize some

file formats.

you can set up different permissions of different user groups, such as group A filtering FLV url, group B to filter the ZIP, and disable group C submit page.

(6) agent Socket4, 5, and HTTP proxy filter

support, etc., to prevent some users want to bypass network restrictions through agent.You can choose to block and records, records of meaning is recorded in the log, you can look at history in the routers.


(7) chat software filtering for the mainstream of chat and instant messaging software block and records, can realize the function of black and white list.

1: chat software filtering

mainstream support chat software based on user group, period of filter, you can set up different permissions of different user groups, such as blocking QQ group A and group B block fetion, and all records of group C.

realize the function, must be enabled chat software filtering state

2: black and white, black and white lists

QQ QQ list can be done by specific QQ number filter and allow.As long as the press by the cursor in above

+ number keys, in the pop-up window, enter the QQ number, then click on the top right hook.

blacklist said can't login account, white list says there is no limit on the account.


MSN MSN list of black and white black and white list filtering can be done by specific MSN email accounts and allow.Black and white list in QQ the same configuration method.

4: QQ login record

this function can display the current network all landing QQ number.You can click on this QQ number to a dialogue with them.

(8) the stock software filtering

support for part of the mainstream the stock software filtering

mainstream stock software based on user group, period of filter, you can set different access to the different user groups.Realize the function of stock filtering state must be enabled.


(9) games for mainstream WEB games, WEB games, online games to control

support mainstream game based on the user group, period of filter, you can set different user groups of different permissions.To realize the function, must be enabled game filtering state.

(10), P2P software filtering

block, record the mainstream P2P download software.

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