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Lei Branch router set up what is the step

2018-02-09 14:07:37

guide language: due to the widespread use network, the router has become very common in our life, however, many of the router is not very understanding, in use or failure for the first time, don't know how to set the router.Today, small make up take lei router, for example, explain the router setup steps for everyone.

router Settings is not as difficult, people think have learned the following steps, we can set up the router myself.Below, see lei branch router setup steps together!

the first step: ready for a network cable, connect one end of the cable to a computer, the other end inserted into the router's PC port.

the second step: click on the surface of the table "Start ", select "Run "In the text box input "Cmd", enter again after input "Ipconfig/all", continue to enter, it will show to obtain IP address and "The default gateway "Address, this two address needs to be recorded.

the third step: enter the router's default gateway address in the browser, press enter, then input "The user name "And "Password ", if the two never done changes that are generally the admin.

the fourth step: after landing in, choose "System information "Options, and then can see the WAN and LAN state and the state of the wireless router.Step 5:

in the interface on the left side of the choice "LAN Settings "Options, under the TAB there will be a "Enable the DHCP Server", check the front have a tick, tick off state for the correct state, if there is no tick, now will check this option, click "Application ", to save the Settings, later, we will be able to enter the DHCP client information interface for the router's client information.Step 6:

set up a wireless network, is still in the open interface, select "Wireless configuration "Options, and then in the left upper interface selection "The basic configuration "Above, enter the basic configuration interface, "Shut down the wireless network "In front of the box, and finally click "Application "Save.Step 7:

still "The basic configuration "Page, will "SSID"The name to his own name, other do not change, click "Application "Save.Step 8:

password, this step is very critical, involves the routers use safety.Back to "Wireless configuration "Interface, click "Safety "Options, and then select encryption based on their own needs and set the password, the password security, easy to remember, also can change on a regular basis, to ensure the safe use of the router, finally click "Application "And save the Settings.

after the completion of the above Settings, the router can be connected to the local network, if this time, the computer still can't get to the Internet, we also need to undertake the following Settings: in "WAN Settings "Interface to select "PPPoE user "Or other two options, choose according to actual condition, and then fill in the account and password, then click on the following "Automatically connected to the Internet "Options, so the whole set is done.

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