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Lenovo newifi how, Lenovo newifi related information and how to set

2018-02-13 09:48:05

in today s technology development, we gradually formed a Internet + mode, in before the Internet era, everyone only on television to understand the outside world, sometimes we want to search for some related events are very difficult;Now the emergence of network, slowly everyone learned to surf the Internet, gradually appeared the WiFi, WiFi is convenient for our online mode, used to sit beside the computer to the Internet, after a few can the Internet anytime and anywhere, on a mobile phone even WiFi can meet the demand of the Internet.Today, let small make up to introduce a WiFi.


lenovo lenovo newifi offer newifi offer: gigabit AC double-frequency sold 129 yuan (price is derived from the network, for reference only)

hardware configuration, the parameters of the two, lenovo newifi processor is MT7260A580MHz, ROM is 16 mbflash, it is 128 mddr2 memory, hard disk storage is an external USB hard drive (purchased by the user), it is 2.4 GHzWiFi 2 x2 (highest frequency 300 MBPS), its 5 GHzWiFi is 2 x2 (highest frequency 867 MBPS), its antenna is external dual-band omni-directional antenna 2 root.

the machine interface is a USB2.0 interface (DCcutput is 5 v / 1 a), 2 m 10/100 adaptive LAN port, a 10/100 m adaptive WAN, a reset/WAS composite keys, a power input interface.

product introduction: lenovo is the new road by newifi by baidu and jointly create intelligent router products, September 18, 2014 at 10:00 in jingdong launch, priced at 129 yuan.Support for the latest ac 802.11 protocol, using 2 ×2 AC dual-band antenna, at the same time support 2.4 G frequency and transmission, 5 G frequency can be set up respectively two WiFi, double-frequency transfer rate is as high as 1167 MBP when running at the same time, is the industry's top intelligent gigabit AC dual-band router.On January 6, 2015, lenovo's new road by newifi as an important product, lenovo NBD at CES consumer electronics show in 2015, the United States.

is the new road by Chinese and foreign name is newifi mini, producing area is China, the article number is 1219821, scope of application is a family routing, the brand is lenovo, the product type is a wireless router, intelligent routing, time to market is on September 18, 2014, the processor is MT7260A580MHz, goods gross weight is 0.85 kg, protocol is 802.11 ac, color is black, speed over gigabit.Advantages of


: welcome to the new speed gigabit WiFi era new road, supported by the latest 802.11 ac newifimini agreement at the same time support 2.4 G frequency and transmission, 5 G frequency double-frequency concurrent transmission rate is as high as 1167 MBP, completely liberate your network bandwidth, super clear video is point is, will never be caton, is the super top intelligent gigabit ac dual-band router.A new generation of

new network through walls, wang signal super no dead Angle, the new road by newifimini using 2 ×2 ac dual-band antenna, 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz dual-band concurrency, can be set up respectively two WiFi, built-in four signal amplifier, let indoor WiFi everywhere like air.Especially the 5 g band, allowing you to high-end mobile phone, tablet for unlimited accessibility web surfing experience.Through "The wi-fi signal strength "Plug-in, free WiFi signal strength management, it is worthy of the name king through walls.

new experience simple three steps to complete the online setting: the new road by newifimini operation is very simple, only three steps set Internet access, respectively through the computer, mobile phone rapid configuration, completely foolproof.It supports remote control APP, can be a key to modify the WiFi password, the second play network intruder.As a focus on safety is three routers, it can prevent ceng nets, fishing, prevent online fraud, for the user's network security escort.

new gameplay baidu cloud and mass function plugin to play the adversary: the new road is provided by the user can enjoy baidu cloud newifimini 2 t permanent free space, enjoy the platform of high-quality software applications and development plug-in, such as built-in network access speed plug-in, realize resource download speed;Built-in TV baidu cloud plug-in, rich resources of network location synchronization to TV, can play 1080 p network backup video, let ordinary TV instantly turns into a large area of the projection booth.In addition, users only need a submission download address and seeds (has been support HTTP/FTP/emule agreement/magnetic chain and torrent offline download), you can through the baidu cloud server to download resources to the new road by newifimini on an external hard drive, let users have more rich, precise and personality service experience.

lenovo newifi how to set up: lenovo's new road by newifi mini three easily complete set:

, the first step: hardware connection, will newifimini installed correctly, ensure the computer phone can connect to the Internet.

the second step: computer networking Settings, input in the browser, open a new road by the background management page, you can open the automatic detection function, according to the prompt set broadband account password (password) routing management, configuration is complete after the success of landing can enjoy newifimini.Step 3:

handsets setting method, download the new roads by the APP (can go to NBD's official website to download), select "Baidu account login "And then input "Routing management throughout the password &;, you can log in successfully, enter the management interface to download plug-ins, open intelligent network life.

lenovo newifi upgrade: the first step is to choose the routing setting - routing system upgrade;The second step is to choose to install a local routing system, choose to download firmware locally, click open, and then will automatically start to upgrade the firmware.In today's era of Internet +

, if you are still not on the Internet that you are really OUT.Network era of science and technology development, everyone is hands a computer, a mobile phone is used to understand the wider world, the emergence of wireless network provides us with a better vision, helps us to see a broader space.Small make up to introduce this wireless networks today whether you know?Lenovo is homebred brand, it's every product has its own orientation, can meet the needs of the consumers, so the product is good!

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