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Let NETGEAR Wireless Router Realize Time-limited Pluggable Network Applications

2018-06-19 15:41:21

NETGEAR wireless routers are classified as SOHO products, which are suitable for home and small office, and have certain LAN management and control functions. If users want to block all network applications within a certain period of time, how to set it up? Let's introduce it as an example.

For example, the user needs to automatically cut off the external network at 17:30 PM every day. The internal LAN will not be affected and can be used normally for 24 hours.

Please follow the steps below to implement.

Step 1: In the "time schedule", select the correct time zone (GMT+8:00), time period

eg, from 17:30 pm to midnight at zero

In the "Services" Select “Schedule” in the middle so that the time set in the first step will take effect.

netgear Wireless Router Setup is complete.

In fact, if users want all of their web applications, the setup is the easiest. We can also target different ports and services for one or more IPs as needed.

[Example 1]

All PCs with IP addresses ( cannot open the http page. Set the following:

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