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Light cat

2018-01-03 15:06:54

what is light cat

cats generally refers to light modems, cat, also known as single port light end machine, is a kind of special users against environmental research and development of three pieces of a set of optical fiber transmission equipment.Light cat with large scale integrated chip, simple circuit, low power consumption, high reliability, complete with alarm status indicator and perfect network management function.The working principle of

light cat

baseband modem by sending, receiving, control and interface, control panel and power components.Data terminal equipment to provide data in the form of binary serial signal, the interface is converted to the internal logic level into sending part, made by the modulation circuit circuit requirements of the signal sent to the line.Receiving part receiving signals from the line, after filtering, demodulation, level conversion back into digital signal into the digital terminal equipment.Optical modem is a device similar to the baseband modem, unlike the baseband modem access is optical fiber line, is a light signal.

cats the technical specifications of

single E1 light end machine: single E1 optical transceiver is a g. 703 E1 signal modulation on optical fiber transmission equipment.

single v. 35 optical transceiver: single v. 35 optical transceiver to provide a frame of N * 64 kbit/s (v. 35 data interface.

Ethernet optical transceiver (2 m bandwidth) : 2 m bandwidth of Ethernet optical transceiver to provide a 2 m bandwidth of Ethernet interface.(with single E1 optical transceiver and E1 converters used).

Ethernet optical transceiver (10 m bandwidth) : 10 m Ethernet bandwidth optical transceiver provides an Ethernet interface and 4 E1 interface.(2 -) 10 M Ethernet interface bandwidth is adjustable, as the bandwidth increases need to take up the E1 interface, each additional 2 M bandwidth needs to occupy a E1 interface.When Ethernet bandwidth to 10 m, 4 E1 interface is not available.(with 5 e1 optical transceiver and e1 converter used).

integrated network management frame: integrated network management frame can be mixed in Modem light, all sorts of card of converter and optical transceiver.Unified network management card can satisfy users centralized network management and maintenance of all equipment.The devices provide 16 slot, slot and two power supply socket, the network administrator.

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