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Local Area Network Cannot Share File Resolution

2018-06-25 17:30:15

Two PCA and B, shared broadband with DLink604 routers, respectively installed two different SP2 systems, all clean and not loaded with any software, but all are the same situation: 2 All can access the Internet. B can completely open A's shared folder in "Network Neighborhood" without any problem, but A can only see B machine. Once it opens, it will pop up "You may not have permission to use network resources. Please contact this server. The administrator's contact to find out if you have access, access the dialog box, anxiously I'm crazy. . . Two computer settings should be no problem, search the Internet for a lot of solutions to this problem, change this to change the whole test, or not, which is proficient in this road pointing. . .

Append to the online search solution for reference:

Other computers in the domain network will be prompted to access this computer: "You may not have permission to use network resources. Please contact this site. The server's administrator contacts to find out if you have access to access.” I have been looking for a long time, summarized as follows

1 Check guest user enabled

2 Check Local Security Policy:\Security Settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assignment\"Access from Network This computer", delete the guest

3 Check the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa The right window RestrictAnonymous value is 0

XP interconnection problem Summary

In front of the words: In fact, there are many such posts on the Internet, but I think the writing is not comprehensive, nor is it very clear. I had a problem with my last machine, and I found a few articles to find out. Therefore, it was decided to write an article that was more comprehensive. The basis of this article is very low. People who do not understand the computer as much as possible can read and use it. Please prawn, thank you. This is the first one that talks about the problem of XP and XP interconnection.

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