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Local connection network cable is pulled out, the local connection network cable is pulled out Solut

2018-01-12 13:17:08

network can be said to be the essential part of our daily life, so the use of the network, we can achieve a lot both in work or in study, or the convenience of daily life.But there are many users, their will always be in the process of daily use network display "Local connection network cable was pulled up "And they can't surf the Internet.So the cause of such a situation is exactly why?Next, small make up is to introduce to you "Local connection network cable was pulled up "The reason and solution.

for a

according to the prompt, the cable is not good, poor contact of the small problem.Watch behind the host cable socket is: green light long, the law of yellow light flashing.


check Internet equipment, have a modem that on modem have because heat cause failure;

for three

check if your card is disabled,

(1) first of all, the mouse right click "Throughout calculation &;Icon and choose "Management "Options;Select "Management "Options,

(2) in open "Computer management "Window on the left to find "The device manager "Options, right click on the right side "Throughout the network adapter &;Option, the menu has "Stop "Options that nic device not be disabled;

why four

crystal head has a problem, crystal have a plenty of machine head pressing, have a plenty of manual pressure, crystal head and cable there can be no perfect contact forever.So to use the cable clamp pressure crystal head, but if you can solve the problem of


cable is no problem, but there is something wrong with the computer host so contact.This is similar to the host adapter is broken, can only buy the external network card or pci card into the computer motherboard

reason six

host motherboard integration network card chip is broken!Three similar this kind of situation and reasons, only change the external network card (USB or PCI) to connect to the network, no matter how you put the mainboard to own the front-end ports for local connection is a red "X"

in idle without bad pci card directly using the pci card into the motherboard and connecting cables can determine fault

concluded: small make up in the Internet to introduce, when we were in the connection of computer networks will always remind "Local connection network cable was pulled up "The reasons and solutions.In general, our computer will appear such tips, mostly because we have no connection cable is good, or more extreme is our cable is broken.So the next time we meet this situation, we should first thing to do is check the our cable is not good, and then to other case of illness.

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