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Lynx magic box how to connect the router wireless network

2018-01-19 13:34:13

"Tmall are introduced in this magic box connected wireless router wireless network method "A lot of new friends in using Tmall box for the first time, don't know how to connect wireless network problems, actually about Tmall magic box connected to the wireless network method is very simple, the following is to detail specific operation method for everyone.Warm prompt:

days cat magic box must be placed in a wireless router signal range, or is unable to connect to a wireless network.

1, cat magic box into the day the main interface, find "System Settings "After entering, select "Wireless network ", and click to enter;After

2, enter the wireless network interface, select "Wireless network switch "Status to "open", then you can search for your wireless WIFI (router);

3, he entered into his wireless WIFI, then enter the wireless password, click on the [sure] can realize the wireless Internet.

pay attention to the problem: in the process of daily use, the day the cat magic box will always happen, that mistake, for instance, even not on wireless WIFI, or using wireless WIFI card, then you need to you to day cat magic box wireless WIFI to reset.

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